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In conversation with Adah Sharma

Interviewed by Deepti Chandak

Your favorite piece of work uptill now ? I've done a short film called Chuha billi. For everyone who hasn't seen it yet, please watch it ! Especially my 1920 fans.

Music vidoes or Web series what's your pick? Both ya ! I'm greedy I want to have my vegan carrot cake and eat it too !!and that's just dessert ! I want starters and an 8 entrée main course and 4 soups and fruit People you go for advise for your work ? I don't have to go to people for advise. People love giving me advise even if I don't ask for it and free of cost. But I finally take decisions based on the advice of this girl Adah Sharma What do you do in your past time ? For me time is just fleeting away . There's so much I want to do and so less time !!! I play the piano, the flute , dance, do movies ,get in Instagram and a day has gone by in 6 mins ! Any new big projects coming up for you in 2022 ? In Hindi there is Commando 4 which has been announced. I play Bhavana Reddy again . There's season 2 of The Holiday and two other films and a web series. I've shot 3 Telugu films . They are ready to release. One is a girl action film, one is a thriller and the other is a romcom with Nani . It's a two people one night film. Depending on the theatres now we will know when they release.

One actor you would like to work with and why? King Kong You will know why very very soon !


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