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tête-à-tête with Chef Augusto

Chef Augusto, Managing Partner & Corporate Chef, Town Hall, Mumbai.

Who inspired you the most? Tell us about an incident that has changed your culinary skills/journey. My family inspires me the most. A perfectionist Japanese chef, I worked under, in Dubai changed my life. That is when I learned to be more focused and perfect my 'Art of making sushi and Japanese cuisine'. Japanese cuisine is indeed unique, have you ever faced difficulty in India introducing uniqueness to the menu at Town Hall? When I came to India, the concept of making sushi was fairly new, the biggest challenge was to get good quality Japanese ingredients, especially seafood and to have a trusted supplier in order to maintain the consistency.

What are you happiest cooking? What's your favourite dish?

More than cooking, I enjoy filleting a whole salmon. It helps me release stress and enhance my focus. A simple grilled salmon is my favourite dish. What are the main skills for a Chef to have? Do you have a message for aspiring Chefs?

While the food industry is ever-evolving, a few 'must have' qualities in a Chef are: proactive leadership skills, creativity, time management, teamwork and to be able to sustain under high pressure. A message for aspiring chefs: Don't be afraid to cook the way you like, there are no set rules while cooking. Keep learning and work with passion. Whom do you consider your mentor in the food industry?

My 'Drunken master Japanese Chef', under him I learned to cook with passion and perfection. If not a Chef what would you be?

I would love to be a 'Top Gun' style army pilot OR a boxing/UFC/MMA Champion. OR a Basketball star.

Tell us more about Town Hall and its offerings.

Town Hall is an amalgamation of World Class Sushi and International Cuisine under one roof. Here we aspire to showcase our love and passion for cooking with each dish. Town Hall Mumbai combines an opulent ambience with a superlative culinary experience that brings the world to you on a plate. With an assortment of Pan-Asian, Chinese, Japanese, Thai, American and Italian, right from Signature Sushi rolls to Wood-fired Neapolitan Pizza and Gourmet Burgers, the menu leaves one spoilt for choice. Your favourite moments from this Journey so far.

Featuring in Incredible India advertisement and India Times food series- Sushi chef, are two of my favourite moments. Being in India for a long time, the kind of respect these videos gave me is impeccable. I feel delighted when people call me part of incredible India.


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