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For the Women’s Spring/Summer 2022, FENDI plays with its icons Peekaboo and Baguette to revive the work of the visionary fashion illustrator Antonio Lopez and his forward thinking-spirit whilst showcasing the Maison’s highest savoir-faire and daring creativity.

Through powerful mixes of colours, layers, materials and workmanship, the Peekaboo and Baguette are transformed into graphic artworks with the use of inlays, embroideries and captivating prints, becoming the best expression of luxury and a desirable series of collector’s items.

In collaboration with the The Estate and Archive of Antonio Lopez and Juan Ramos, a selection of the artist’s figurative drawings focusing on Lopez’s innovative vision on femininity, diversity, inclusivity, and unconventional beauty, are reinterpreted in the FENDI way on the Maison’s iconic bags in an ode to creative freedom and powerful, bold women. Thanks to the Maison’s hand making ability to treat and use different materials and techniques, FENDI’s icons become canvases where the glamorous and colourful figurative drawings come to life: they are printed on a base of plain leather or coated FF logo, as seen on a Mini Peekaboo and Baguette, with 3D inlaid elements enriching the bags with texture and relief. On Peekaboo ISeeU, a multicolour inlay is meticulously handmade with leather, metal leather and suede, turning the bag into a real piece of art as a long time is required to cut and sew all the pieces together.

Rainbow and sunray details extrapolated from Lopez’s illustrations are magnified and translated into multi color diagonal stripes, perfectly expressing the joyful attitude and extravagance inspired from the vibrant 70s disco era. Following the energetic palette of the collection, they embellish the internal lining of a Peekaboo ISeeU for a surprising and fun effect or pervade as a print the outside of a Baguette Chain in the signature FF logo embossed leather.

Available now in FENDI boutiques worldwide and on


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