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Entrepreneur and a Radio jockey: Krithika

How has your journey been as an Entrepreneur and a Radio jockey?

For me starting K KOMPANY while I was still doing Radio was a natural progression. It came about as a result of my dire need to create something I can call my own. Like every memorable journey I too have seen incredible highs and some intense twists and turns. It’s been an absolute roller coaster and I’ve loved every moment of it coz I love roller coasters.

What does success mean to you?

When I was asked this question a few years ago, I had replied Success is the fulfillment of goals that you set for yourself. But today my answer differs, because I believe that I have evolved as a person and this pandemic has taught us to reevaluate and reassess our priorities. The meaning of the word success has completely changed. If you are doing things that you find gratifying, if you have the luxury to work on your own terms and conditions, if you have work/life balance, if you have the time to pursue your passion and if you are consistently ticking things off your bucket list, then to me you are a success. You have catapulted yourself into the league of people who are succeeding at life.

How has the digital world changed you?

Historically the world has been divided into different eras - the ancient period, the Middle Ages, the modern era and the one that we are seeing now has to be the Digital Age. The uncanny thing is that we still do not comprehend the power of this medium completely. What we are seeing and experiencing is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s changed not just the way we do business, but the way we conceptualize things. With access and availability at the touch of a button, everyone is in the rat race to capture eyeballs. There is an influx of content and no dearth of options. The next few years is going to be very interesting to see how all this pans out.

If you could do just one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Ok now this is really difficult. But for me it would have to be reading. That’s the one thing that satiates all my creative desires. I’ve always been a voracious reader and just the thought of a log cabin in the hills, stacked with books, an ignited fireplace, a mug of hot chocolate and lots of historical fiction copies is what my dreams are made of. That for me would be the most seraphic experience of all.

Career accomplishment you are most proud about?

There have been several highlights that I have experienced so far. Some of the most prominent ones would be being named one of the Forbes Most Influential Women in the Arab World, winning the NRI of the Year Award and being able to save lives and help out several people through my Radio show.

How was the last decade. What would you remember the most for?

The last decade will always remain etched in my memory forever. I have actually achieved several milestones, both professional and personal, in these ten years. We successfully launched the Middle East’s Biggest Food Reality TV Show - Foodshala and Foodshala Kids, our flagship show Weekend Out on Sony TV became the longest running TV show, running for 12 consecutive years and we were blessed with the birth of our baby girl Kyra.

What is your idea of a romantic date?

Again before the pandemic hit us I would have said an impromptu long drive to Fujairah that turns into a staycation! But giving the limitations these days, I would have to say the most romantic thing Gaurav did to surprise me was arranging a picnic in our own backyard, with rose petals and candles floating in the pool, a proper picnic basket, music the’s all about going back to the basics.

Who is your inspiration?

My mother has always been my inspiration. She has inculcated a strong value system in us and she has taught us never to rest on your laurels. She’s always been ahead of the times and been my biggest cheerleader and my strongest critic.

Your favourite travel experiences.

Traveling is a shared passion between Gaurav and myself. Sometimes we feel that we live to travel. Our travel has always taken us off the beaten track to explore the diverse culture around the globe, be it milking the goats in Switzerland, or cranberry picking in Belarus, walking with the lions in Mauritius, or eating real gold macaroons in Italy. We have been to so many countries around the world and often talk about doing a coffee table book on our travels around the world.

Future projects you are looking forward to.

We are in the midst of launching a few new projects in the coming year and we are also toying with the idea of venturing into a new business model to expand the company. We are extremely optimistic about the coming year.


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