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Sachin V Kumbhar, believes dreams do become a reality…

A Marathi mulga who now believes dreams do become a reality… An anchor, actor, voice over artist, voice trainer and a grooming expert. Tell us your Story, you started as a Radio Jockey & Voice over artist in Dubai and now to hosting the best events in B Town ? My journey is something that I thought would never become a reality. I was a shy, introvert boy from Mumbai but always nursed dreams of being a part of the media field. College friends made me realize I have a good voice and that led me to exploring options. So I did a few courses and ended up getting my first job as a part time radio jockey at planet M music store. Then I got through an audition to my first full time job in Dubai as a Radio Jockey. It wasn’t easy for me, though I had the voice but had no command over Hindi or English. Even were my pronunciations weren’t right. In the first 6 months, we were told to pull up our socks or else go back home. That’s when reality hit me and I worked on every aspect of my presentation skills and managed to stay afloat in the UAE for 8 years. Besides Rj'ing, I also voiced and anchored live events internationally. After a point I felt stagnated and decided to move back to India where I could explore live anchoring, acting and other avenues of media. After nearly a decade, here I am in India living my dream and loving it. It took 4/5 years for me to get to TV with Star sports hockey league, then to Pro Kabbadi, Miss Diva Universe and thankfully the work continues. I was able to create a niche by lending my voice to nearly 8 TV channels. How easy or difficult it was to get good shows at first in India? Not EASY at all, the struggle is for real. I questioned myself time and again, have I taken the right decision to move back but as they say, " patience bears fruitful results”. I had to negotiate on price and it’s fair to do that in the initial stage so one can see your talent. Why would someone invest in you till they don’t know your true potential? How was your experience hosting sporting events specially Star Sports Pro Kabaddi league? I was not a sports fanatic, but let me share a filmy episode of my life. I went to watch Prokabaddi season 1's finale as a normal spectator but was awestruck looking at the arena and the overall sport. I started approaching Star TV for sports anchoring and got lucky with hockey. While I had no idea about the sport, but I took it up thanks to the right guidance from Star network. Later I got through for anchoring Prokabaddi and was on the same mat anchoring Prokabaddi season 2 finale. I believe in synchro destiny. As SRK said' Kisi cheez ko dil sey chaho toh puri kaynaat tumhe ussey milane main lag jaati hai". (“If you truly desire something , the universe too helps you in attaining it”) It’s come true for me Your advice for someone who wants to build a career in Anchoring. Be a little patient. We live in a fast-paced world where you can easily burnout. So, take your time, do your homework for all the projects you take up. Be prepared for any issues and handle it with patience and confidence. And most importantly, do learn from others but don’t try to be that person, Be YOURSELF. Career accomplishment you are most proud about? Well, there are many, the fact that a guy like me who was bad in communication, with poor command on language is today standing confidently on stage anchoring some of the mega events is my biggest accomplishment. How was the last decade? What would you remember it the most for? The last decade has been nothing less than a roller coaster ride but definitely memorable. I remember it for giving me wings to explore different avenues. Be it acting, podcasting, voice training, grooming and of course anchoring TV shows and voicing. Who is your inspiration? Ellen and Boman Irani. Ellen for the connect she has with her audience and her approachable conduct. Boman Irani for following his passion and making an impact by starting his acting career in his 40’s. It clearly shows age is just a number and where there is a will .. there is a way. Future projects you are looking forward to? I have been fortunate to venture into podcasting, with three projects already wrapped up, I’m looking forward to few more projects that are in the pipeline. Some of the biggest events you have been a part of? I have been fortunate to anchor American singer Katy Perry’s press conference for the Indian media. Also, I recently hosted a corporate event with British adventurer Bear Grylls as the guest speaker. In the fashion world, co-hosted Miss Diva Universe 2020 along with Malaika Arora. In sports, was delighted to host the opening ceremony for Khelo India 2020.


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