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Santoni creates beauty thanks to the passionate hands of its craftsmen, and the new SS21 men’s collection is once again a pure expression of Italian artistry.

For men, lightness and sophistication are the essence of the proposal that conveys a sense of effortless and relaxed attitude, conceived for the contemporary man who is looking for objects that are distinctive in an open air environment as well as perfect for the city. The casual collection is inspired by soft and sophisticated hues and materials and offers a wide selection of leisure styles, together with a proposal of colorful and sporty trainers. TRAMA is the modern highlight of Santoni’s distinctive craftsmanship: an intertwined motif created on calfskin, that reminds the texture of the alligator leather, giving a sophisticated tri-dimensional effect to the product. Modern shape and unique research mark a neat contemporary evolution of the formal.

For women, fine craftsmanship and a subtle study of the palette are at the center of the collection that, through a delicate play of details, create sophisticated and modern motives on sling-backs, loafers, sandals and sneakers, proposed in soft pastel colors, with vivid accents of color.


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