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Zardouz for Men, At Arab Fashion Week

The Iranian based label, Zardouz has showcased on the first day of Arab Fashion Week Men's presenting the imagination collection's designed and inspired by the effect of waters, the presence and its softness in the mountainous region. The presence of water during spring and summer in this area pulls me towards it more than anything; Because when I go into the water after hours of running, the best of life returns to my soul and body immediately. And I imagine: Life of water, where at first there is a huge Zardouz store at the beginning, Which is surrounded by white nets, clothes and lots of bags that have came out of the of space.

The imagination run through me, and it's so touchable so I picture tithe coexistence of mountains and water has always been and is my greatest source of inspiration, but in this period of life, considering that water is a part of a mountains region, it attracts my attention more than ever, I feel I should be like that, free and fluent so I can go through everything. I observe a sea with a small mountain next to it. I decided to paint my imagination on Hormuz island in southern Iran. In a great sea facing the mountains of different colors. To show the breadth and quality of my imagination.


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