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Hello Everyone,


Welcome to  Luxpresso Magazine. I introduce this Digital magazine with immense gratitude and would like to share the story behind it. 


I had a dream to be part of a project that is unique in the way it projects the local talent in the Middle East & around the World. But a few years back I found myself stuck in a storm and never could believe that dreams can really come to life. Slowly I took small steps in realizing my short term goals and then moving onto the bigger ones. 


Two things played an important role in this whole journey: My love for myself & My Endless Gratitude towards everything I learned & encountered. I believed in myself more than anything else. Surely success is a state of mind: you need to live it, believe it & breathe it. 

The 2020 Lockdown gave birth to the idea of Luxpresso wherein I wanted to create a blend of Luxury lifestyle and a connect with people doing tremendous work in various spheres of life. Our team is working hard on the content and the way we want to showcase things. I am looking forward to creating some amazing articles in the coming future.

Thank you everyone for your endless support and love. I will be forever grateful. 

Strength & Light 

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