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Zaid by Zaid Farouki

Interview with Luxpresso Magazine

What is the identity of Zaid Farouki versus Zaid by Zaid Farouki?

Zaid Farouki’s Fashion House blurs the lines between Fashion and Art with detailed womenswear & menswear collections as well as accessories. I’m a creator who uses Fashion as a means of expression; his designs arise and are renewed each season. He established a unique concept of meshing society’s perception of Art & Fashion. Inspired by the sociopolitical landscape of the Middle East and the increasingly prominent role of women in the region, each collection conveys emphatic statements through the use of intricate details further celebrating the art of hand-craftsmanship. Our work offers Art and Fashion collectors a modern medium to admire and appreciate as well as women who will to be a part of of a new artistic revolution.

Contemporary ready-to-wear, Zaid by Zaid Farouki, breaks the boundaries between cultures to create a global language for expressing one’s self. The label was born to reflect the contemporary man and woman and the image with hand; bold and unconventional, representative of a new globalized world.

Zaid by Zaid Farouki stays true to the mother brand, Zaid Farouki, brand identity, denoting innovation in design, technique and fabric as well as attention to detail and exceptional tailoring to create dynamic pieces – symbolically striking yet functional. Incorporating a unique modern take on traditional elements and historical motifs, Zaid by Zaid Farouki narrates emphatic statements and strong motifs to associate with the attributes of the spirited individual who celebrates individuality and is appreciative of modern silhouettes of cultural twists.

How do you decide on textile painting and your creative process of the ideation?

I graduated with a minor in fine arts out of university before obtaining my second degree in fashion design. Therefore, in my eyes, fashion was an automatic extension to what I had been doing in fine arts.

What is the Zaid Farouki woman like and what stands her apart ?

I find inspiration in the fusion of cultures. Imagining a individual adorned by European clean cuts, true American liberties, and the ever-existent Arab dramatization has helped him to create the globally and empowered hybrid individual, a representative of a new globalized world and people who he yearns to design for.

What is your take on AI collaborating with fashion?

The future is tech and to turn a blind eye to tech being incorporated into fashion is a great mistake.

How does Zaid Farouki take inspiration from its roots?

I find my inspiration in who I am as Zaid an Arab a Middle-Aastern, that relates to five different Arab countries. Proud of my origin and heritage, wanting to revive and celebrate it for the world to see.

How do you balance as a designer between creating slow customised fashion versus ready to wear?

I do not believe in showcasing collections six months prior the collection is ready in the atelier, nor the necessity to have a six month interval between each collection. Our creations pieces goes with the season in which it will be presented in. As a artist that prefers fashion as his medium, the emergence of a new theme for Farouki’s designs will appear once he feels that he has expressed everything for that specific theme. Once a new distinct theme and set of circumstances have taken over my conscience, it becomes what I envision and only then the collection will be showcased.

How does the brand plan to adapt to the post covid world?

Post Covid we geared our efforts towards more of an online presence. We pushed our Ready-to-wear Unisex ZAID BY ZAID FAROUKI label. Launched online on different platforms across the world as well, as collaborated with new retailers to give consumers unique experiences.


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