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Boucheron FW : animal novelties

Hedgehog, panda, cat, cicada, doe... The extraordinary story of the Boucheron bestiary began at its workshops in 1866. Where nature offers inspiration. That is where an opulent collection is created, mingling High Jewelry with artwork. A succession of fabulous animals that, with time, come to life in the craftsmen’s hands. Their savoir-faire chisels, polishes and paves with such precision that each animal becomes a truer-than-life three-dimensional sculpture. Dangled from an ear, tenderly curled around a wrist or neck, or perched on a finger as if set to take flight, each one appears captured in movement: a beating wing, a fluttering heart. Manifested in precious material. Intense eyes of sapphire, emerald or ruby; fur sculpted in gold or flecked with diamonds; shiny, polished bellies; delicate feathers...

Each piece tells a story, real or imagined, to those who lend an ear. To choose one is to form an attachment, far deeper than the piece itself. It means finding a special, protective totem animal. Whether that animal represents strength or sensuality, sweetness or power, each individual finds a friend that liberates their personality and asserts their style.animal novelties.


A symbol of peace and friendship, the Panda brings tenderness to those who choose it as a companion. Shaped by the Maison’s workshops to be round in every way, it clings delicately to the finger in a ring topped with an opulent tourmaline symbolizing the Panda’s main object of desire, bamboo.

As for the Cicada, it takes flight from a necklace that transforms into a brooch and a ring that stretches its wings across several fingers. A symbol of renewal and harmony, it is crafted with exquisite detail, down to the delicate veins of its wings. Paved with diamonds and set with an aquamarine, the Cicada glows against the skin with a soft light.

The Maison also offers its favorite felines new looks. Fuzzy the leopard cat is now free to slink along the full stretch of a playful long necklace. Moreover, a new Fuzzy pendant in white gold and diamonds will be exclusively presented at the Ginza boutique of Japan for its inauguration in September 2023. The collection of the Maison’s iconic cat, Wladimir, grows to include three new designs: a bracelet, a pair of ear studs, and a necklace that may be worn in several ways.


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