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Deepika Padukone launches her self-care brand, 82°E

Global Icon Deepika Padukone unveils her self-care brand, 82°E (pronounced Eighty-Two East), with a mission to make the practice of self-care a simple, effective, and enjoyable part of everyday life. A disciplined individual and strong advocate of mental, physical and spiritual wellness, Deepika Padukone's 82°E endorses well-being in a holistic sense of mind, body, and soul.

82°E is named after the standard meridian that runs longitudinally through India and defines the standard time for the country. The brand reflects Deepika’s personal and professional journey as a modern woman who is strongly rooted in India, global in her outlook and appeal, and committed to the wellness of her mind, body, and spirit. 82°E aims to bring global acclaim to India, informed by its past and driven by innovation, that represents ‘India Rising’. 82°E products will imbibe the brand’s core values of efficacy and delight.

“I always wanted to create an earth-conscious brand for modern women that can be

trusted. With 82°E, the idea was to create a vegan and cruelty-free brand that creates high-quality, high-performance products to care for the mind, body, and spirit and make

everyday rituals simple and effective. Launching the debut category with skincare, we aim to introduce our thoughtfully curated line-up which is a combination of time-tested Indian ingredients with powerful scientific compounds for healthy and radiant skin”, says Deepika, co-founder of 82°E, on launching the brand in India.

Some of our current favorites from the brand.

Ashwagandha Bounce moisturiser is a rich yet lightweight moisturiser that is enriched with ashwagandha to restore skin elasticity and sodium hyaluronate for long-lasting hydration.

Patchouli Glow sunscreen SPF 40 broad spectrum PA+++ provides protection from the harmful radiation of the sun in addition to protecting skin’s barrier by combining Patchouli leaf extract with ceramides. These products have been thoughtfully designed to simplify skincare and address the fundamentals of good skin health: hydration and protection. Both products have undergone stringent safety tests and clinical trials. These products are vegan, cruelty free.

Lotus Splash cleanser is packed with purifying lotus extract that is rich in antioxidants, and bioflavonoids to restore the skin’s natural moisture balance. This gentle, foaming cleanser helps to remove impurities like dirt, oil, dust and makeup and is clinically proven to condition the skin and maintain its pH.

● Lotus extract is rich in antioxidants which enhance blood circulation, increase collagen

and maintain skin’s elasticity to diminish dark spots and fine lines.

● Bioflavonoids are found in natural plants and are also known to replenish the skin’s

natural lipids to restore its natural moisture balance. They also aid in collagen

production to achieve an even skin tone.

82°E products are formulated by in-house R&D experts, combining time-tested Indian

ingredients and powerful scientific compound(s) to offer high-quality and high-

performance products. The brand will launch more products under the skincare category and has ambitions to expand into other categories that support a modern, holistic approach to self-care.


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