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Eleonore Cavalli about Visionnaire

What was the inspiration behind the new collection Beauty 2020?

“Beauty – be not caused – It Is” wrote Emily Dickinson two centuries ago, yet it seems to have been written only yesterday.

Beauty is a name that calls into question an ambitious theme. On one hand, beauty is synonymous with positivity and optimism, on the other it is a more intrinsic attribute, connected to the uniqueness and excellence of the design object. And it is precisely "the ability to create projects and objects of extraordinary singularity", which expresses the sense of contemporary beauty according to Visionnaire.

"Beauty", the collection that marks 2020, is inspired by the concept of Art Design that permeates all the creations of the Brand with its language that brings uniqueness and creativity. No longer a luxury that has to do with its traditional definition, but an evolved concept: Meta-luxury, which goes beyond the sense of possession of precious goods to refer rather to objects bearing values, which can tell a story and remain in time. Among the values ​​promoted: the artisanal experience, the uniqueness of the pieces that are always reproducible and environmental sustainability, an aspect that Visionnaire has taken care of since our Greenery Collection in 2017.

How important is sustainability for Visionnaire?

Visionnaire continues along its path of sustainable growth, focusing on the fundamental values of the brand: responsibility on its own Italian territory, ethics work, and highest quality of Made in Italy.

Visionnaire began to address the theme of sustainability with the Greenery collection in 2017, starting with products that come into close contact with people, first of all sofas and beds. Projects aimed at creating increasingly natural, healthy spaces that embody principles of respect for the environment and animals.

Over the last three years, Visionnaire offers our clients the opportunity to have a selection of products made with lower impact procedures, making a break from conventional production practices.

For our Anniversary collection (2019), Visionnaire set its sights on FSC®

Forest Stewardship Council® C147146 and PEFC™ Programme for Endorsement of Forest Certification, the commitment extends the possibility to choose wood from controlled, legal origin, orienting the market towards responsible forestry management.

Visionnaire uses the revolutionary exclusive Azerocare process for some of its products. Azerocare patented Antolini collaboration, is a unique durable process that guarantees permanent protection - with a polished finish - of marble, onyx and soft quartzites from stains and corrosion caused by contact of surfaces with acid-based foods and organic substances, without altering the colors, the tactile perception and specific properties of natural stone. Always aimed at increasing the quality standards of its materials, while paying the utmost attention to the environmental impact of the proposed solutions and the production processes implemented, the company has studied this technology with greater attention to environmental protection; in fact, the Azerocare process does not produce any emissions into the atmosphere, nor does it generate processing waste.

Wellness and sustainability also translate into the choice of innovative performing fabrics: Iris is a new outdoor and indoor textile product made up of polyester threads, obtained from reuse of plastic bottles dispersed in the environment, with an absolutely circular life cycle, being 100% recycled and 100% recyclable. Entirely produced in Italy, Iris guarantees a very important reduction of CO2 emissions and waste of water for energy savings of over 60% compared to normal production processes. Assam fabrics, obtained through the combination of synthetic and natural fibers, show cutting-edge performances as well: from the possibility of lowering body heat and therefore decreasing sweating and heart rate of a seated person, to the absorption of humidity in the environment. This material is processed without chemicals toxic to health. These fabrics with highly performing characteristics have been selected for the realization of some seats in our new collection .

The way forward/plans for the future for Visionnaire ?

Visionnaire expands its Art Design offerings, approaching the great challenge of contextualizing them in a retail scenario and involving designers of artistic talent, with a vivid focus on experimentation with materials: almost “Renaissance” attitude, in terms of method and individual effort invested in the genesis and realization of the Brands products.

For Visionnaire, uniqueness yet reproducible, art design yet in the retail scenario, can coexist. Being able to propose unique pieces, with a high artistic content and an innovative and experimental vision.

What would be the future of Luxury post Covid 19?

Even before this extraordinary period of the global pandemic, Visionnaire had questioned the meaning of luxury. contemporary luxury not strictly linked to the preciousness of the product but above all linked to the ability to express values and create an empathic relationship with those who use it. Visionnaire’s Meta-Luxury, is a luxury of values and contents, representing a vector of culture that guides our work and adds a deep meaning to our projects and products. With the Decalogue, Manifesto of the Brand (, Visionnaire express two meaningful concepts through the values of Vision and Luxury. We believe in the wealth of meaningful content - the luxury we love is the result of the virtuous harmony between and with our other values: because there is no material more precious than the respect for nature, culture and the legacy of know-how expressed in our work. Trough the value of Vision the Brand expresses belief in the future and in the poetry of creativity - to express a vision implies developing an assertion of consistency and belonging. It also means application of our own creative faculties to construct today and to pursue the objectives formulated for tomorrow. In such a special time, all our choices are less instinctive and more meditative. Now what we offer to our clients should have a more special meaning than its mere physical presence, but it has to tell a story and create empathy.

How Important is the Middle East and Indian markets for the brand?

Visionnaire is synonymous with manufacturing and high Italian tailoring, the mark of the best “Made in Italy”. Our Products are hand - made and / or hand-sewn, according to a long engineering process that takes place inside the Maison’s style and design department. The selection of materials and development of new technologies have always been an essential aspect for the Brand and has been well recieved by cleints in India and the middle east. The Indian furniture market is really interesting and challenging for Visionnaire. India has a growing economy and a large part of the high-spending Indian population has a great predisposition for the renovation of their dwellings. With this in mind we have observed a growing attention to the outdoor area, a space that is both private and extremely devoted to sharing with friends and guests. From this perspective Visionnaire has proposed some new outdoor products from the 2020 collection to meet this new need. We also found a growing inclination by the Indian customers to chose sustainable products. Certainly this attention is reflected in the process that Visionnaire has implemented for years now. In terms of style, the Indian clients are still tied to a more classical taste, although the new generation shows a predisposition for our innovations. Product’s quality and dwelling’s intimacy, as well as the houses’ safety are between the dearest values for the Indian customers.

Which are your favorite living/dining/bedroom settings from the new beauty 2020 collection and why?

The new collaboration with the design duoDraga&Aureltranslates into a truly original capsule collection.Amos dining table is a true table-jewel: two metal armrests, shaped by molding in sand for a lunar effect, embrace the concrete base, poured into a reinforced form and subjected to an exclusive erosion technique. The Lego low table and console also stand out for the contrasting combination of two materials, treated with different finishes: precious and “raw,” the glowing gold of the metal and the matte black of the concrete. This apparent contradiction becomes a kind of unity of two different characters. The Sputnik lamps are made of multiple rhomboidal parts that produce an “origami” metal composition. Their lines form a fractal motif in which the metal surfaces reflect the light, casting theatrical shadows all around. Another dining table of this new collection is the Arkady, designed by Alessandro La Spada. A crystal top lets you glimpse an organically shaped handcrafted marble slab. The Crema Marfil stone is shaped by a mechanical process that gives the shape of a precious agate. Mother of pearl, glass powder, metals and Himalayan salts alternate in layers of transparency giving a feeling of great depth. Nature transforms and assumes a hybrid identity, the result of the encounter between its very essence and human artistic talent. The legs, in cast aluminum, with a zoomorphic shape presented a bas-relief texture reminiscent of an animal motif.

For the upholstered pieces I really likeDonovan by La Conca, a seating program with remarkably modularcontemporary design. Available in the “square” version with squared armrests and the “roll” version with a cylindrical armrest. In the “square” model the modular sofa is arranged with double depth: an ample traditional seat and an ulterior space on the base behind the back, equipped with small bookcase modules clad in leather with shelves in metal and glass, and courtesy trays in marble with leather frames. Alessandro La Spada designed the Ultrasound bed, a burly composition of padded elements marked by fluid and reverberating lines of ultrasound inspiration, which extends to the bedside tables in an osmotic way. The headboard is covered in Lawrence velvet, Beola color, while the metal elements are in a lacquered champagne finish.


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