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Grape County Eco Resort, Get One With Nature

Grape County, the tourist adobe destined by the father-son duo, Mr. Kiran Chavan and Mr. Tejas Chavan is built on the seamless idea of connecting with nature. Green Spaces has nestled this eco-resort among the Western Ghats. Visiting Grape County would be stepping into the wide-open luscious space and beautiful wooden landscapes.

Taking their inspiration from nature the lobby is designed stacking red ash bricks and adorning a beautiful checked wooden roof. The Sky Rooms are not only aesthetically decorated with luxurious amenities but also offer mesmerizing views. Glass Houses come with 24*7 scenic views as if you are one with nature. The tents are designed keeping in mind every need of the guests. Experiencing luxury without staying in brick and mortar is its highlight. These tent cottages are just perfect for glamping. The wooden interior of the rooms gives a rustic charm and a subtle elegance creates a cozy feel for the guest.

With the species-rich scenes, sunset-orange casitas, and the clouds clustering over the mountains, staying here cannot get better. Along with these panoramic views from the private balcony, the suite sky rooms are equipped with a workstation, mini-bar, Lagoon, Swimming Pool, much more.

Another highlight of this eco-friendly resort is that the entire property and rooms are supported by energy-efficient technologies. It has been designed following the 3R (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle). Concepts like radiant cooling, solar lighting, rainwater harvesting were considered while designing the architecture of the resort.

Spread out over 150 acres conjoining with another 5000 acres of wilderness the guests have a lot to explore. Green spaces had managed to conserve 50 plus species of birds, more than 30 butterflies, and 52,000 trees.

Paddling away or just aimlessly strolling through the beautiful nature trails, biodiversity park, or along the 7-acre man-made lake is a reposeful experience. While traversing around the property accompanied by countless birds and butterflies. Spotting these amusing creatures can appeal to anyone for long morning and evening walks. There is a special bird-watching tour that the guests can enjoy.

The adventure freaks can reappraise the adrenaline rush by enjoying kayaking and horse riding. Spotting the reflection of greenery on the blue waters of the lake while kayaking and boating is one of the most captivating sights to gaze at.

If these are fun in-house adventures, trekking to the nearby Harihar/Harshgarah Fort can also turn out to be delightful. This 900-year-old fort offers mesmerizing views of Basgad fort, Utwad mount, Bramhagiri Parvat once reached the top.

Grape County is best for staycations and working from home or should we call it working for nature. It is perfect to come out of the monotonous four walls and set up the workstation anywhere the guests want. Either out on the balcony to enjoy the panoramic views, comfortable study table, by the calming lake or pool, and even at the greensward lawns.

Green Spaces follows the policy of ‘Farm2Table’, So everything on their menu is organic and freshly grown. The food has a very authentic and pleasant taste. From the traditional curries to international cuisines everything is perfectly savoury. Their signature restaurant is equally aesthetic, having a cool bike-themed decor as well as an amazing Amphitheatre. The ambiance will give you a funky and raw feel.

The stay at Grape County can help you reconnect with nature as well as yourself. Enjoying the sunrise over the mountains, simmering in the calming water, and indulging in different activities surely comes through as an exciting weekend getaway, where the only rule to follow is to take care of nature.


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