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“Hello Lover’’ BY Sameer Madan

This summer, strut down the memory lane with iconic looks from Sex and the City

One of its kind luxe leather geometrist, Sameer Madan has launched his SS’24

collection ‘Hello Lover’ - a collection that embodies a little bit of nostalgia,

summer romance and unapologetic style. Drawing top tier sartorial inspiration from Carrie Bradshaw, the iconic character from the series ‘Sex and the City’, 'Hello Lover' celebrates and introspects individuality through dramatic, flirtatious and stylish statement pieces.

Renowned for his mastery,' Sameer Madan introduces his latest collection, showcasing an enticing range of sleek and minimalist silhouettes in colours such as white, green, black, yellow, white, beige. Taking a strut down the memory lane, these fashion-forward ensembles remain a perennial source of style inspiration, transcending trends with their timeless appeal.

Just as the show revolved around themes of love, sex and friendship, style was equally crucial. With jeans embellished in distinctive patent leather appliqué work, the inaugural launch achieves unprecedented levels of chicness and sophistication. An exquisite range featuring intricately embroidered flower brooches, neck piercings serving as stylish accents, and a fusion of mixed-media embroideries is brought to life.

Breaking down the bold fashion choices that set the tone for women everywhere in the late 1990s and early 2000s — and still to this day, the outfits showcase timeless and iconic looks, a penchant for dramatic statement pieces triumphs summer love to experiment with accessories. Expect a diverse range of bodysuits, trousers, and, of course, bodycon dresses to complement our collection.This marks the inception of our exploration into a myriad of bodysuit variations, trousers, and curve-enhancing garments, each crafted to embody sophistication and individuality.

Sameer Madan emphasises the significance of cultivating a personal sense of style rather than simply adhering to traditional fashion norms. From extravagant furs to sky-high Manolo Blahniks, Sex and the City was truly synonymous with over-the-top glamour, and infatuated with the same energy ‘Hello Lover’ exudes eccentric style and OTT designs - an ideology firmly embedded in our hearts.


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