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How the Power of Video Walk-throughs, Preparing the Luxury Real Estate Industry for the Future!

With the vision of bringing life to every intrinsic detail a home seeker demands in a video sample unit walk-through, I, Siddharth S. Kankariya, ventured my creation called “Prime Property Review (PPR).” As the name suggests, my company is focused on serving the needs of niche real estate buyers and sellers throughout India with a strong foothold in Aurangabad, Pune, Delhi NCR, and Mumbai. PPR helps produce permanent visual assets for your luxurious properties that bring you leads and brand upliftment while satisfying your clients’ demands and queries!

How are video walk-throughs helping?

Even in these unprecedented times, the real estate sector is set to grow to 13% from 7% in contributing to the GDP by 2025. Leading experts believe that great potential for both residential and commercial real estate business lies ahead in time. While the potential of real estate is being tapped into, PPR is successfully navigating through this unpredictability to become a pinnacle in the real estate sector.

While the world turned to artificial 3D project walk-throughs, I believe that to gain consumer trust, it is important to make real sample unit walk-throughs with incredible attention to detail, showing every nook and cranny for the convenience and economy of both the buyer and the seller.

While work from home is the new normal, the idea is to have the least contact with strangers to keep one’s family safe. PPR’s video walk-throughs can prove to be the stepping stone in forming the next-gen real estate landscape. Imagine experiencing all the intricate details of a property from the safety of your homes – saving time while keeping you protected.

How has the Dynamics of Indian Real Estate changed post-pandemic?

Post pandemic, the real estate luxury sector has seen a sudden upsurge. We all realized the need for a luxurious and safe haven during the lockdown where we have all the essential facilities in-premises, with comfortable and premium utilities. Some may call it a dream far off; we call it getting ready for the future.

Now is the time to invest and create a prime and comfortable home that can be an all-in-one resort to future uncertainties. If you look at the broader picture, people have realized that now is the time to invest in themselves; instead of saving, people have started to spend. In short, they have begun to live!

Locked up in their own homes, families have realized the importance of having a bigger space, more rooms, hence looking for upgrades. If you’ll see Sidharth’s YouTube channel, prime property review, you can see how spacious developments are coming up. Developers are not hesitating to bring up almost a million-dollar apartment in Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi. The maximum prices can go up to 10 million dollars in some of the most exclusive developments like Trump Towers. India was once considered a Golden Bird, if you come to look at it, it was always the same, but people used to save for the future. This pandemic has taught us that “Future is Now”.

I am still learning about the demand funnel, and via my YouTube channel, we have been receiving many queries from Gulf, Singapore, etc. The lack of economic stability has led to the “home-coming” of many NRIs who now wish to invest in luxury homes so that they can maintain a quality life here.” Not only NRI’s but with a lot of Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), multinational companies are looking up to India as a high potential investment destination, and a lot of Ex-pats are also settling in India and creating demand for luxury real estate.

Steps taken by Government to uplift Real Estate:

● Stamp duty wavers of 2-3% in most states have done wonders in real estate, increasing the transactions up by 78% YOY.

● Super focus on planning and executing Infrastructure development like international standard roads and highways, renewable energy, airports, seaports, health, and education, forming the new India to give a tough fight to China.

Identifying India as a “Luxury Destination”

India is a vast and diversified country with numerous cultures and traditions offering different terrains and climatic conditions. This gives scope to a lot of diversified architectural experience.

Over the past decade, we have seen the demand of establishing top hotel-chains across the country, and top hotels including Fortune, Lemon Tree, Marriot, Carlson, Concept, and more can be seen in almost every major city. These luxurious properties have the mesmerizing infrastructure and world-class facilities that one must experience.

Many premium residential villa colonies designed by some of the top architects offering international lifestyle are building up in West India, including Goa, Alibaug, Rajasthan, in North India covering cities like Chandigarh, Mussoorie, Dehradun, etc. If you go a little Southwards, you will find brilliant properties in Coorg, Ooty, Kerala, etc. Moving towards east, Odisha, West Bengal, Darjeeling also have prime properties to invest in.

In a Nutshell:

The Indian mindset is going international. India has always been a real estate-driven economy, and it is one of the best forms of investment in the country. From the year 2000, the real estate market has grown 600-700% in tier-two and three cities. For tier-one towns, we can’t even measure the growth percentage as it has been substantial. Observing the past trends and looking at current development, I can say that the Indian real estate growth story has just started now, and in the next twenty years, it will scale to a flabbergasting level.

Talking with my experience in the industry, I aim to be that witness who shows you growing luxurious India through the depth of my lens via my youtube channel, Prime Property Review.


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