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Indulge In The Best of Nature and Natural Botanics

Leveraging the power of science to extract the best from nature and natural botanics, St. Botanica masters the art of hair and skincare to offer a carefully curated range of premium hair, skin care & wellness products. Derived from nature and elevated by science, it definitely is a good choice for the Indian woman wanting natural hair and skin care that delivers. Each product contains unique organic ingredients, paired with extensive research-based formulations, creating a brand that steers away from preservatives, parabens, mineral oils, synthetic colours, perfumes and so on. Carefully crafted products that are vegan, cruelty free and PETA certified, ideal for consumers who are conscious about their purchase impact.

All products from the brand are enriched with ‘Bio Actives’ like biotin, retinol, collagen etc. that are the most potent compounds found in natural ingredients intended to make the formulations effective, giving you desired results. While ‘Naturals’ is a well explored space today, with a myriad of brands in the personal care space, St. Botanica aims to focus on efficacy while having natural roots for the discerning Indian consumer.

A Glimpse into our favorite products from St. Botanica

Moroccan Argan Hair Mask

This rich moisturizing Hair Mask combines the goodness of Moroccan Argan, Oats Protein and Pro-Vitamin B5 to help lend extraordinary softness to your strands. Devoid of any harmful chemicals, this lightweight, ultra-nourishing Mask will help provide hydration and deep conditioning to the tresses. This union of the essential ingredients works from the roots to the tips to help proffer an improved texture to your mane. The high performing formula of the revitalizing hair Mask will surely leave you with gorgeously flowing hair that is softer and silkier to touch.

Quantity: 200ml Price: INR 549

Pro Keratin and Argan Oil Hair Serum

The extraordinary blend of ingredients in Pro-Keratin & Argan Oil Hair Serum is your way to softer, smoother and more glamorous hair. Keratin Protein helps protect your hair from damage and helps detangle them easily in the long run. Constant tug and stretch leaves your strands vulnerable to breakage and split ends. The deeply nourishing ingredients improve the overall appearance of your mane and helps them preserve elasticity in the long run. The non-greasy texture easily helps tame frizzy hair while detangling the mane.

Quantity: 120ml Price: INR 799

Biotin & Collagen Hair Conditioner

The deep conditioning product is formulated with natural oils and DHT blockers to take care of your hair. The conditioner forms a protective coating around the surface of the strand to keep it safe from harmful environmental damage. It transforms dull, dehydrated & brittle hair into smooth, manageable strands leaving you with a gorgeously flowing mane. It does not contain any harmful chemicals and can safely be incorporated into the haircare routine.

Quantity: 200ml Price: INR 549

Ultra-Nourishing Hair Shampoo

Packed with the goodness of natural oils and BioActive ingredients, this Ultra

Nourishing Shampoo will feed your hair and scalp with the required moisture & hydration. In addition, it helps remove traces of impurities and residues from your strands to keep them healthy and strong in the long run. The external nourishment that the Shampoo offers improves the overall tone and texture of your mane. It will help preserve the natural shine of your hair, minimizing the damage caused by the Sun, free radicals and hair styling equipment. It helps add volume to the limp and dull strands and makes them appear healthier.

Quantity: 300ml Price: INR 599

Jasmine Pure Aroma Essential Oil

Experience the sudden whiff of freshness with St. Botanica Pure Jasmine Therapeutic Grade Essential Oil. As a popular additive for hair and skin care, this oil helps soothe and moisturize your dry skin and scalp while assisting in enhancing the overall appearance. Since the oil has a calming effect on the mind, it can also help you get a restful night’s sleep. The essential oil helps maintain the skin’s elasticity in the long run.

Quantity: 15ml Price: INR 699

St. Botanica Fish Oil 1000MG

These soft gels contain Omega3 essential fatty acids comprising of 330mg EPA and 220mg DHA that support the circulatory system and boosts better and faster absorption. This is amongst the first and the main variety of enteric-coated oils available in the Indian Subcontinent. It doesn’t dissolve in the stomach and serves to stay intact till it reaches the intestines. Fishy burps are a mainstream issue of the Omega 3 oils, but these soft gels help reduce the fishy burps and their aftertastes.

Quanity: 60 Softgels Price: INR 899


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