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In conversation with the Founders: Hafna Sakhaf & Ziya Mariyam

Tell us about IZEL's Commitment to Slow Fashion.

IZEL Fashion is steadfast in its commitment to slow fashion, a conscious approach that aligns with sustainability and responsible consumption. By producing a very limited quantity of each style, the brand minimizes environmental impact, avoids overproduction, and reduces fabric wastage. This meticulous process ensures that each piece meets high-quality standards, prioritizing durability over fleeting trends.

The brand's dedication to slow fashion extends to its choice of materials. IZEL actively seeks ethically sourced and sustainable fabrics such as Linen, Bamboo, and Cotton, incorporating chemical-free dyes. This commitment is reinforced by ongoing research and experimentation with new sustainable fabrics, with upcoming collections, showcasing the evolution towards eco-friendly alternatives.

In addition to environmental considerations, IZEL Fashion embraces a socially responsible aspect. The brand collaborates closely with skilled artisans, valuing their expertise and involving them in the design process. Artisans and their families receive appreciation, fostering a supportive and collaborative relationship.

As IZEL Fashion grows, its commitment to slow fashion remains at the core of its future goals. The brand envisions incorporating even more sustainable and decomposable fabrics into upcoming collections, contributing to a fashion landscape that prioritizes longevity, quality, and positive environmental impact. Through its journey, IZEL Fashion not only offers stylish and modest clothing but also strives to be a positive force for change in the fashion industry.

What kind of fabrics are used to create the collection and how difficult or easy is it to source the same?

In our much-anticipated Spring Summer 24 collection, we've seamlessly integrated an extensive array of fabrics, including Tux Satin, Terry Rayon, denim, and more. This collection serves as a heartfelt tribute to the rich tapestry of colors, diverse fabrics, intricate textures, and captivating silhouettes. Aligning with our commitment to slow fashion, every fabric and trim has been ethically sourced, with a concerted effort to minimize intermediaries in the procurement process.

Given the abundant availability of fabrics in India, our primary challenge lies in identifying the perfect fabric that aligns with our discerning tastes. In certain instances, fabrics undergo a meticulous dyeing process to achieve the precise shades that define our collection. This approach not only ensures the uniqueness of each piece but also underscores our dedication to ethical and sustainable fashion practices.

The philosophy of the founders?

At IZEL, our philosophy is elegantly simple yet profoundly impactful – to introduce fashion-forward styles and cuts that transcend time, ensuring they look effortlessly stunning on every body. As founders, we share a firm belief that embracing colors and patterns is a vital aspect of our consumer's fashion journey.

We take pride in crafting garments that resonate with those who exude confidence, strength, and comfort in their own skin. Our designs go beyond mere clothing; they serve as an expression of individuality and a celebration of the diverse beauty found in every woman. 

What is the future of sustainable fashion? Do you think the Gen Z are more aware?

The future of sustainable fashion is far more vast and made aware of than it was 10 years ago. Everybody including Gen-Z want to achieve and look for a sustainable way of life and it's no different when it comes to fashion. We at IZEL, want to be a part of a better tomorrow and this is our way of contributing to it. Making sure we do not become a part of the problem, but a part of the solution. 


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