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Kamakhyaa : sustainable womenswear

The one-stop online shopping destination for sustainable & luxury womenswear fashion. Embracing “Make In India''.

Kamakhyaa, derived from the name of Durga, a fierce yet prosperous Hindu Goddess, in Sanskrit kāmā translates to desire and ākhyā means renown.

Their motivation to plant this sapling named Kamakhyaa, is to embrace homegrown and emerging fashion labels across the country. By providing a common platform to connect with the customers, they aim to deliver authenticity and relevance in the endeavour of “new normal”. They perceive that Fashion should have more purpose than just viewing products as trendy and disposable garments.

Kamakhyaa encourages responsible buying hence they ensure transparency about how their products have been made for each and every product listed on their website, a trustworthy step taken towards brand building in the sustainable fashion sector. They have also introduced the “ You Should Know Segment” on their social media, where they provide details of the material being used in the product and where it has been sourced from. You can also choose from various sustainability criterias a product has been made, according to your preference. Here is a list of some of their sustainable options; Upcycled, Repurposed, Organic, Natural, PETA-Approved Vegan, handcrafted, made to order.

Kamakhyaa is not just an online shopping platform, it is an end-to-end solution for all your fashion needs. Listing their Luxury Services below:

Complimentary Personal Styling Service: For dailywear, occasionwear, weddings to birthday parties, baby showers and bachelorette are only some of the events on top of our mind that you can get styled for. Get #StyledByKamakhyaa with your entire crew, friends and family. You only pay for the garments you choose to buy! They make personal styling experience accessible to all.

Customization: Kamakhyaa believes in celebrating your dreams and desires hence, they provide “made to measurement” service for the perfect look & fit. They make a new product, specially customised for their customers when the order is placed. You can specify your measurements before placing the order itself to ensure hassle free delivery experience. This also ensures sanitary safety in such times because your order is uniquely made for you.

Gifting Service: You can specially curate a package for your loved ones by getting the products customised, adding a personal touch (Initials embroidered on

a certain products) and within your given budget! You can ask the team to help you or place the order on your own. They provide personalisation to make your gift even more special.

Delivering an experience: From styling to customising your products, Kamakhyaa at the end delivers a package that is as exciting as receiving a surprise gift. Their packaging is eco-friendly, minimalistic, durable hence you can reuse it for years to come. Kamakhyaa is a brand that truly cares for you and believes in fulfilling your wishes.

Their latest campaign, The Spirit of 2021, a collection unlike any other. It defines the ideal future of fashion that can be achieved by shopping sustainably. The collection is a perfect mix of western/Indian wear & occasion/daily wear to cater to all kinds of fashion needs yet keeping in mind that fashion is best when sustainably made.

We believe that a conscious buyer should always demand to know how their garments have been made! With this campaign, Kamakhyaa has introduced the "You Must Know" segment, where we mention how and/or with what your garment/accessory/footwear has been made.


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