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Luxurious & Holistic Wellness Break At Viveda Wellness Retreat

Nestled within the Sahyadris trails, Viveda Wellness Retreat is a place that will bring you closer to Nirvana. Just a four-hour drive from Mumbai will take you to this lush green surrounding and tranquility to escape the city life.

Viveda — The Wellness Village, near Nashik, is the perfect luxury retreat to work on your individual doshas. The cottage villas at the retreat are exemplary with regard to space and natural light. You will be surrounded by beautiful garden patches and panoramic views of mountains.

The wellness center spreads in 17 Treatment rooms, with a Yoga Dome as its center of attraction. While a wide range of therapies like hot and cold therapies, colon therapy, Ayurvedic therapies, beauty therapies, western and oriental therapies are performed by a team of qualified therapists; our yoga experts guide you on the age-old lifestyle practice of Hatha Yoga. Along with Ayurveda, you can also opt for Homeopathy, Naturopathy, and other oriental treatments.

Choosing Viveda is like choosing overall detox with customized and holistic wellness packages.

The holistic healing begins with a lifestyle consultation with a qualified consultant, where guests are given individual attention to talk about their life's stressors.

Later, starting the day with cleansing your different organs like eye cleansing or nasal cleansing the detox session further continues with a power-packed yoga session. Getting to know all the avatars of yoga combined with Tai Chi (Chinese martial art form also called meditation in motion), Reiki modern fitness regimes is truly a unique fusion experience.

If there’s a time to feel at peace with yourself it’s while attending the general mantra chanting, pranayama, sound healing, meditation session.

The energizing wellness program is harmonious with the international spa treatments available at Viveda, which are known to take away all the stress and strain. Every spa treatment a special massage therapy is used that will rejuvenate you and accelerate the healing process.

This enthralling experience is even more enhanced by satvik and vegan food served at the wellness village. Just as the spa treatments, yogic and meditative detox, the menu is also customized as per the guest’s dosha. The deterging program also focuses on regaining nourishment and strengthening the body's natural immunity. The whole journey is complemented with the right nutrients to deter, regain, restore and sustain the vitality within you. The menu is filled with fresh, balanced, nutrient-dense food prepared with the healthy method to restore balance and harmony within the body.

The entire approach to health on long-term diseases is to treat the diseases from the root level and address the main cause as in Viveda we believe every physical symptom is related to your inner wellbeing of mind and soul. All that you experience at Viveda can be surely practiced at home as well. You will be advised with wellness guidelines upon check out which one can easily follow in order to sustain a healthy lifestyle. This approach and last consultation session just before the check-out have been designed to work on the long-term illness of the guests if any.

Healing and recharge are Viveda’s main concern through holistic wellness programs. You can even wheedle out that pandemic anxiety at this retreat with a special ‘Post Covid Healing Program.’ This weekend-long program promises to relax your senses and heal your body from the aftereffects of Covid. There are multiple therapies that help promote reviving congestion, improving the immune system, cellular healing, etc.

One can get accustomed to these calming schedules, chipping birds, the serenity of the luscious Sahyadris, and the sweet floral aroma. One will feel re-energized and more equipped for the new normal with this fulfilling wellness break.

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