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Mauritius Fashion Design Shines on the Dubai Cat-Walk

Mauritius affirmed itself as an up-and-coming fashion destination, with the launch of a fashion show held at the One & Only Royal Mirage in Dubai on the evening of 16th March 2022. Held in conjunction of the celebrations of the National Day of Mauritius at Expo 2020 Dubai, the fashion show was organised by the Mauritius Economic Development Board and Mauritius Fashion and Design Institute to showcase not only the design talent of the island nation, but also its skillful textile and garment creation industry.

In line with the Mauritius’ Expo 2020 Dubai pavilion theme, the collection, entitled “The Roots of the Future”, is inspired by the history of Mauritius and features the different influences that each era of its former colonizers, including the Dutch, French and British and the evolution of the industry on a trajectory to modernity and the future. The original designs are rooted in environmental sustainability practices for the fashion industry, of which Mauritius seeks to become a world leader.

Mr. Hemraj Ramnial, Chairperson of the Mauritius Economic Development; “This is the first time for us to hold a fashion show in the Middle East with a spotlight on the incredible design talent that Mauritius has to offer. Through this event, we hope that the fashion, design and creative talents of both Mauritius and the UAE can create meaningful bonds for future collaborations.”

Hon. Soomilduth Bholah, Minister of Industrial Development, SMEs, and Cooperatives “Its an honor to be part of such a special event that celebrates not only Mauritius design, but also our artisanal garment makers and textile industries. The collection showcases the evolution from our traditional dresses, to embracing eco-friendly and innovative products to create a better world for tomorrow.”

The private fashion presentation was attended by dignitaries from Mauritius and the UAE, as well as high profile fashion designers, influencers, media, and buyers from across the GCC region.


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