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NS by Noof wearable piece of art

NS by Noof collection, created in 2009 by Bahraini designer Noof Al Shekar

Since childhood, Noof was fascinated with fine art and design. Combining her love for art, jewellery and fashion, Noof started designing little jewel bags for herself and loved ones whilst pursuing a career in architecture. This swiftly gained her a fan- base, eventually persuading her to devote full time to designing her own bespoke collection hence the brand was born.

NS by Noof explores the intrinsic relationship between the spirit of architecture and the art of jewellery; in a collection of hand-crafted handbags and clutches. Each piece is embellished with a kaleidoscopic of semi-precious gemstones which boosts energy and augments wellbeing.

Each meticulously hand-crafted piece is conceived as a sculpture and constructed as a wearable piece of art. Their job is to create a new couture silhouette that combines the artistry of the East with the mastery of the West - vintage excellence with modern expertise.

The collection uses the finest materials of exotic snakeskin, lambskin, alligator, and Italian leathers. They are also encased in 18k gold and platinum plated solid brass frames hand-crafted by skilled goldsmiths. The result is sheer fantasy.


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