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Reebok's All-New "Uncomfortably Comfortable" Yoga Collection

Reebok MENA has launched its all-new “Uncomfortably Comfortable” Yoga Collection. Inspired by complex and often uncomfortable yoga poses, the new line has set out to ensure that wearers can feel the ultimate comfort while embodying their practice.

The collection offers a range of quality tanks, bras, and leggings, to support free-flowing movement – without compromising on style. Designed to support yoga enthusiasts throughout their fitness journey, the stylish apparel selection, offers products that are the foundation of a great workout and lifestyle wardrobe.

Whether you’re into restorative flows or power vinyasa, yoga clothes that move with you are essential. With a focus on simplicity, comfort and style, this collection will give you the confidence they need to nail the most impressive poses – with no distractions.

  • YOGA LEGGINGS - Just like your practice, flexibility, stretch and comfort are must-have qualities in your athletic leggings. Reebok’s yoga leggings are made with high-quality distraction-free material so you can focus on your poses and not worry about your leggings slipping down.

  • YOGA SPORTS BRAS - Comfort and support are what you need most from sports bras. Reebok’s yoga sports bras are designed with Motion Sense technology to adjust to your every move.

  • YOGA TANK TOPS - All of Reebok’s athletic tank tops are made to be breathable and comfortable, whether you prefer fitted, flowy, or seamless tank tops. Moisture-wicking fabric keeps you cool during your isometric yoga pose holds and during hot yoga sessions.

The new line of feel-good apparel inspires confidence no matter where you practice so that you can set the right tone for a strong and intentional practice.


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