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Setting Up a Workspace at Home

The ongoing pandemic has blurred the lines between living and working spaces. Remote working is a mandate and here to stay; thus, it is essential to carve out a workspace solely dedicated to working hours and away from familial distraction. A thoughtfully designed workspace helps to improve one’s focus and boost productivity, while promoting physical and mental well-being.

Choosing a space

Within the design of an apartment, spaces have become multi-functional. Dining areas turn into workspaces or study during the day and wrap up for family gatherings in the evenings. Open spaces such as living areas and family lounges can be converted into study spaces ensuring privacy and quiet. A workspace should be set up in a place or a nook that is comfortable to use, incorporated with ample light and ventilation, while being away from all kinds of distraction.

Natural Light and Ventilation

Orienting one’s desk against a window helps to keep the space well-lit and ventilated. Incorporating natural light into the workspace can reduce strain to the eyes caused by the computer screens, and create an efficient and active work environment. In addition, incorporating ambient lighting can make the space more flexible, dynamic, and customized to the user’s requirements. Moreover, having a work desk against a window can visually connect the user to the outdoor environment; being in sync and connected with nature can boost productivity and levels of creative thinking.

An Ergonomic Setup

Long working hours without a proper setup can cause physical strains in the near future. Investing in an ergonomic chair and a simple desk that can be used for long periods of time helps to reduce stress on the human body.

A Splash of Green

Setting up indoor plants on or around your workstation helps to elevate productivity and imbue a sense of calm during working hours. Small succulents or a tropical plant setup can cultivate a calm and peaceful environment with air filtration as an added benefit.

In these unprecedented times, work from home seems to be the appropriate solution to follow safety guidelines. Therefore, investing in the above ideas and setups is a must to facilitate a healthy and active work environment that is sustainable for prolonged use and keeps the end-user focused and comfortable during working hours.

The Spokesperson is Rakhee Bedi Kumar, Founding Principal, RSDA


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