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Today’s modern lifestyle offers us many conveniences, but at the same time it damages our body and soul. Poor diet, stress, poor quality water, polluted air with low levels of oxygen, lack of exercise, processed food full of additives, unnecessary drugs, electromagnetic waves emitted by cell phones, computers and other electronic devices, detergents, alcohol consumption and smoking are just some of the negative factors that harm our body.

We can maintain a high level of well-being for our body and mind by avoiding or minimizing the negative impacts of modern life. The LifeCo helps you achieve a healthier lifestyle through nutrition, stress management, mind and body cleansing, exercise and natural healing therapies.

Launched in 2005, TheLifeCo has become a worldwide health and wellbeing retreat center in 3 different locations across the globe; Bodrum, Antalya and Phuket. TheLifeCo Wellbeing centers have offered its services to over 60.000 guests providing an ultimate experience in cleansing, tranquility and rejuvenation.

We recently visited the TheLifeCo Antalya. İt offers its guest the ultimate cleansing experience all year around. Located at the Turkish Riviera, TheLifeCo Antalya is located inside the prestigious 5-star Akra Hotel.

The weather in Antalya is pleasant even in the harsh European winter and due to direct flight options from a lot of destinations, it is very easy for health lovers to travel to. The service level of the 5-star hotel and the comfort of rooms with great view of the Mediterranean Sea TheLifeCo Antalya is especially suitable for frequent travellers.

During your program, one needs privacy and TheLifeCo provides this with its isolated 2500 square meter facilities, spa, yoga and massage areas. The Gym facilities of TheLifeCo Antalya are equipped with the most modern equipment and the skilled trainers will guide you through your exercise routine to compliment your detox process.

You may not always travel alone.

TheLifeCo Antalya makes it possible for families to attend programs individually while the children and spouse enjoy the facilities of the hotel. The center is also very suitable for people needing a reset from the business environment without fully giving up on work. The meeting rooms and comfortable offices provided with high speed internet access make it easy to stay in control of your business while giving your body the rest it deserves.

WHY SHOULD YOU CLEANSE AT THELIFECO? The best way to get rid of toxins is to regularly follow a detox program. TheLifeCos’ detox programs, which were developed with specialists, not only focus on your body, but take a holistic approach by also working with your mind and spirit.

All programs at TheLifeCo centers helps with:

o Body maintenance and cleansing

o Low energy and fatigue

o Digestion problems like constipation, gas and bloating

o Weight gain, overeating, large appetite

o Poor immune system, getting ill frequently

o Unhealthy lifestyle

o Excessive stress

o Poor eating habits

o Medications

o Cigarette and alcohol use

The results are:

o Your blood will be cleansed, and clean blood nourishes and repairs organs, cells and tissues

o More vibrant skin

o Increased energy

o Better digestion and bowel activity

o Weight loss (on the 7-Day Program, women can lose 2-4 kg, men can lose 4-6 kg)

o Reduced swelling

o Positive thinking

WHAT ARE THE PROGRAMS AT THELIFECO? TheLifeCo offers; special programs at its well-being centers. Any program at TheLifeCo is based on juicing (master detox, green juice or green salad) or healthy nutritious eating plan (low-calorie, anti-aging or ketogenic) and topped up with effective therapies & treatments, nutritious supplements, physical & spiritual exercises, educational lectures and raw-food workshops depending on the program you join.

1. Detox & Ultimate Cleanse Program

2. Weight Loss Program

3. Anti-Aging Program

4. Liver Support Program

5. Diabetes Recovery Program

6. GetFit & Healthy Program

7. Cell Therapy Program

8. Water Fasting Program

Luxpresso Team opted for the DETOX & ULTIMATE CLEANSE PROGRAM It consists of a detox and healthy nutrition plan complemented by many natural therapies and treatments that accelerate the detoxification process. The removal of toxic waste through various channels such as the colons, skin, lungs will enable your body to rejuvenate and start healing inside out.

Within the scope of the program; by the inclusion of anti-aging protocols and ozone therapy, the blood circulation is oxygenated, resulting in a much stronger immune system. The liver flush juices will boost the cleansing of the liver and your glutathione production will be increased to balance your sugar levels. It can be applied for 4/7/10/14/21 days. Weight loss and anti-aging outcomes are the side effects of the program.

The schedule was a perfect balance with beautiful morning walks to Yoga, Meditation classes by the expert teachers from the field. We tried juicing, salad programme and also the Get Fit programme that was well designed by the wellknown Expert Nasuh Mahruki. This camp was a low-calorie and high-protien nutirition plan, intense fitness exercises were part of that that helped us in increasing the energy level, weight lose, get tighter, increase muscle mass and get rid of toxins. The results were phenomenal and we are looking forward to visit the other centers soon. For more information visit


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