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At just 26 years old, Liu Haoran has garnered widespread acclaim for his exceptional acting skills and distinctive style, making him a leading figure among the younger generation of Chinese actors.

From his role as the boy ‘Song Ge’ in the neighboring class in Beijing Love Story to the young detective ‘Qin Feng’ in Detective Chinatown, the entrepreneurial youth ‘Wei Jinbei’ in Coffee or tea? and the motorcycle racer ‘Wu Renyao’ in Only Fools Rush In, Liu Haoran crafted numerous impressive and iconic characters on the silver screen.

Known for his casual yet confident demeanor, passion for sports, and relentless pursuit of excellence, Liu Haoran embodies traits that resonate with TAG Heuer’s values.

Embarking on the journey of a new year, the collaboration between TAG Heuer and Liu Haoran injects fresh vitality into the brand.

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