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The Jacob & Co. x Alec Monopoly Collaboration Timepiece

The new announced partnership between the internationally renowned contemporary graffiti artist, Alec Monopoly, and the luxury watch and jewelry brand, Jacob & Co., has resulted in the release of the first collaborative timepiece: The Astronomia Alec Monopoly.

This piece contains miniature pop characters and images that are a staple of Monopoly’s artwork within the iconic Astronomia four-arm vertical movement and its exclusive complications. The watch retails for $600,000 and is limited to nine pieces.

This artistic version of the Jacob & Co. Astronomia watch is a collaboration between Monopoly and Jacob Arabo, the founder of the luxury watch and jewelry brand.

The two have been friends and admirers of each other’s work for several years. The colorful animated watch has a black skylayer base housed in an 18K rose gold case with a curved sapphire crystal dome and four sapphire crystal windows on the side that provide a full view of the artistic and mechanical creations inside. I have been developing the characters “I integrated into the watch for years now. You can see variations of reinterpretations of them in my paintings and sculptures. It’s so exciting to see them come to life on such a small but significant scale,” says Monopoly.

The four main sculptures are based on “The Monopoly Man” holding an ice cream cone with a melting pink dollar sign; an interpretation of “Scrooge McDuck,” holding “Money Bag” with gold coins piled at his feet; a multicolored dollar sign with multiple drawings of diamonds, dollar bills and the Jacob & Co. logo; and “Money Wings”. The Astronomia Monopoly is a colorful, animated expression of contemporary art and mechanics that manages to define both the internationally renowned pop artist and the globally prominent luxury brand. For Monopoly, it was also a “Legendary Collaboration.”

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16. 7. 2021

Very well explained & well written 😊

I can enjoy a vintage but can’t afford it 😍. contemporary is what I go with till i can get to vintage.

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