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TransparAll : Sustainable & Trendy

TransparAll is a retail concept which calculates the environmental footprint of each product it is selling in an effort to raise awareness about the impact of manufacturing on the planet and encourage brands to rethink their supply chains to produce more sustainably. Founded in 2021 by Sofie Källström, TransparAll collaborates with the award-winning Swedish fintech innovator, Calculator 2030, to allow consumers to understand the carbon footprint of each product they are looking to purchase and make more informed decisions about their shopping habits.

“We are incredibly excited to present TransparAll to the world, a concept that we’ve been developing for years that truly encapsulates our love for sustainability and giving our customers access to the best in fashion and design,” says Sofie Källström, co-founder and CEO of TransparAll. “We have painstakingly sourced brands that represent the best in Swedish caliber and stunning design while reflecting our conscious values,” she added.

TransparAll has a physical store at the Swedish Pavilion in the Sustainability District, Expo 2020 Dubai and also have a strong online presence on their webstore offering the option of worldwide delivery and next day free delivery within UAE.

The brands you can find on TransparAll include celebrity-favorite avantgarde optical brand Anna Karin Karlsson, Sustainable fashion brand MaxJenny, Sportwear Nature Hommage, Luxury sustainable fashion / jewelry brand from Marta Larsson and many more.

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