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What Denim Are You?

What's the one piece of clothing that both fashionistas and comfort seekers have in common? A denim jeans!

Dress it the way you like, denim is a must have staple in anyone's wardrobe. Your denim jeans can actually say a lot about the sense of style that you prefer and indulge in.

Skinny Jeans You're independent, energetic and all in for the adventure! A trend-spotter all the way. Mum Fit Jeans You care about comfort, but also like to carry your overall style like a sophisticate Cotton Slouchy Jeans You're a fan of casual chic and looking for a piece that you can dress up for work or rock it out for Friday night.

The denim range from famous Italian fashion brand, OVS, provides a variety of styles and colours for you to express yourself. From skinny jeans that flaunt your attire to laid back loose fittings, elevate your everyday style with denim staples from OVS!


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