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Facials and body treatments now MADE FOR YOU!

When it comes to skincare and achieving that perfect glow, dabbing a couple of products doesn’t quite do the trick. It’s all about giving your skin that much needed attention and treating it from the inside. While you can take in all the fresh fruits and apply a natural mask daily, treating it to an elaborate clean up every once in a while, brings you a whole lot closer to that glow!

Enter The Branding Room, Dubai’s much-love beauty spot on the block. At The Branding Room, the team aren’t just treating your skin to a facial or a “back-acial”, they’re taking it one step further with the launch of The Branding Room Treatment Plan. Think a diet plan but this time, it’s for your face and body.

The Treatment Plan is a dedicated 2-month plan that guarantees a definite change & results for your skin, utilizing a variety of techniques & facial procedures or as we like to call it, ‘glow-cedures’, simple tips and products to use over the time.

How does it work?

- One on one consultation with the therapist to identify the RIGHT treatment

- Recommended list of products to use as part of after-care plan

- Follow up and results tracking between next visit with therapist

- Repeat consultation subject to skin reaction / change on prior treatment

Some of the key facials include the signature, ‘The Fire and Ice Facial’, ‘The Enzyme Treatment Facial’, ‘The Ultimate Anti Acne Facial’ among others.

Why resort to just a once-in-a-month skincare fix? Mae Do-Thanh Romero, founder of the brand believes that one should take care of their skin just as much as they take care of their diet. At The Branding Room, each individual is taken through a skincare journey.

Upon arrival, the experts at The Branding Room will be taken for a detailed skin consultation where the expert will identify and conduct an analysis on what your skin lacks, what is its texture and find out areas where your skin needs the attention the most! Ladies will be treated to either The Clear Skin or The Hydracool Plus facial as part of the consultation process to identify and understand how the skin reacts to the treatment.

Post it, each individual will be scheduled with a one-on-one with the therapist to discuss on their skin requirements and a treatment plan will be curated with product recommendations, quick daily tips to practice along with some natural hacks to ace your GLOW game – all customized and created based on your skin type!It’s time we stop experimenting with our skin and give it a glow so real, we didn’t see it coming and most importantly, lasts the whole month!

The Branding Room also understands women in the UAE and their on-the-go lifestyles and hence the treatment plans are created with achievable skincare targets and easy tips and hacks that one can adopt.


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