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Archana Kochhar on Indian Fashion & Weddings

Couturier Archana Kochhar has been showcasing her collection on national and international runways for over a decade now. Having revolutionized the bridal arena with her glamorous looks, Indian and contemporary silhouettes, and craftsmanship, Archana has slowly carved a niche for herself.

Was becoming a designer your childhood dream? What spiked your interest in the world of fashion?

As a child, I would wake up one morning wishing to be a pilot and touch the skies, one day wishing to be an engineer like my father, one day wishing to be a heart surgeon and some days wishing to be a cosmetic chemist. Every day the dream was different but isn’t that the beauty of childhood? Having the wings to dream! I think I finally landed into fashion as my passion and then my career because I soon understood how fashion was much more than a flourishing profession. Fashion is an art, an emotion, a performance, a form of communication and a direct reflection of society and pop culture for every generation. Fashion spiked my interest because of how it is a symbol of oneself.

Why did u decide to pursue Indian fashion?

I was excited by the idea of making brides feel confident, beautiful, and fantastic on their big days. I was ecstatic to be part of everyone’s big day in a small way.

What do you think designers will change about the kind of clothing they will now bring into the market of weddings?

I think designers have changed their outlook on Bridal wedding clothing. It has been a shift from traditional to now contemporary traditional as society has shifted. The millennial bride now looks for a touch of her modernistic ideals in her wedding lehenga.

How can designers make weddings more memorable? Since the scale of weddings has drastically reduced.

At Archana Kochhar, we make wedding lehengas’ more memorable by adding the bride and groom’s personal touch. From having their love story subtly embroidered into the lehenga to having their favorite song/ mantra embroidered into the border of their dupattas. The personal touch makes the outfit more special to the bride and groom, making it more memorable.

What are your views on online shows and exhibitions, will you be releasing any collection online soon?

Online shows and exhibitions is the way we have adjusted to covid and lockdown restrictions and I think it is truly beautiful that as a society we have found such great alternative routes to keep the economy moving even though we are in the middle of a pandemic.

I will be releasing a new collection on my website ( soon, so keep tuned!


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