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Was acting your first love?

No it was not. I feel it is too overrated to say that it was my first love as I feel when you grow up, you always aspire to become doctors or police officers or things that our parents teach us to say. Acting might not be my first love but as I got into it the love slowly developed and grew. When I used to take part in cultural activities I used to love getting the attention so that motivated me to get into acting.

Who or what inspired you to become an actor ? Tell us about your journey.

To be honest, there wasn't anyone particular who inspired me to come into Bollywood. I felt that I would do well here as I used to love being appreciated for my performances. My family members and close ones also played a part in encouraging me to do what I love. Speaking of my journey, it has been one with struggles. But good struggles as I now have stories to tell people of how I accomplished all that I have today.

What is your favorite moment from shots till today ?

I've done many films and ads, so there's no one favorite moment that I can pick. All of them were special and close to my heart.

Have you progressed in your acting career as you have expected ?

There are no goals as such in an acting career. No milestones that will give you a definite position in your career. I feel its a journey and every artist goes through ups and downs in that journey till the day they live. I am living a beautiful life and I can't say whether I have achieved what I expected to because I feel I have gained much more than I could've thought. Every day is an inspiration and an achievement.

What's your dream? Where is this path heading for you ?

My dream is to live healthily, live in peace and find happiness in what I have. Work might come and go but life should be healthy and happy.

Can you mention that future projects you are working on?

Lost is releasing on 16th February and then there is Laal Rang 2 for which we might begin shooting soon.


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