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In Conversation with Ashvika Singh: Artist & Model

Your favourite piece of work up till now ?

I have done one punjabi song named’ jhanjhar’ . I have shot one Hindi album song name ‘gum nahi’ which is ready to be released next month .. so yeahhh!

Any new interesting projects that you are working on in 2023?

There is one Telugu thriller film which is going to be released soon ,date not yet known. Then there are few albums songs which are yet to be shot.

One fitness mantra you follow and want your fans to follow as well?

I love my body and want to give it what it needs .

People you inspire you the most?

I'm most inspired by my parents. They are the only people in the entire world who have ever encouraged and supported me in pursuing my aspirations. My parents have walked side by side with me through thick and thin. They encouraged me to work hard and showed me how to visualize dreams.

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Creative , passionate, optimistic and resilient .

An X-factor you've added to your life that makes you diff from other actors?

I m equating my work with what I am passionate about and what motivates me ,that’s my X factor .

When you need advice, whom do you go to?

I don't ask for advice because I am a terrific advisor myself, but if I really needed it, my parents would be the only ones to whom I would turn.

One person you would like to work with?

It’s Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Chiranjeevi.


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