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Jamaica Makes it Move at Dubai Expo 2020

In Conversation with Hon. Edmund Bartlett, Minister of Tourism, Jamaica

How do you plan to promote Jamaica?

India resonates and it has a huge influence. Our food is hugely influenced by India, especially the spices and culture. We also share common sporting experiences and music as well. Some of the Easter Islands of Caribbean are strongly influenced. Indian weddings and big events looks so promising and that’s how we would like to broaden our horizon.

How are you dealing with the pandemic situation?

Covid has changed the world over all. Jamaica has been affected too but people have supported and we are learning to adapt to new things. The connectivity and support has been offered . People are learning to adapt and they have shown faith in us so that we are a safe and seamless destination. Also we follow all the pandemic protocols. Low infection level has been maintained and that is why we have been able to follow over a million visitors and because of the safety protocols people are revisiting us again. This is the pandemic which we have never seen before but the essence now is how you manage it.

Tell us about the Future of Jamaica

So the future of Jamaica is influenced by the people who are very creative and innovative. They are always been able to find their new ways. That’s one of the big points that hospitality is in the DNA of Jamaica and Jamaican people. To make you comfortable, you can expect a high level of service and satisfaction. The philosophy is to provide seamless vacation and hospitality & service.

Tell us about the Business Side of Jamaica Very strong in terms of logistics and because of the goodness of the geographical location. Jamaica is quite well placed. Also it has an opportunity to provide a seamless supply chain. We are excited to come to Dubai Expo 2020 to find more business partnerships.

Interviewed by Deepika Saboo for Luxpresso Magazine


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