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SoulTree is all set to make a foray into the brick-and-mortar space with their flagship store at DLF Galleria Market, in Gurugram, with an exclusive month-long launch to mark the celebrations. Nestled amidst urban chaos and cacophony, SoulTree's boutique will play the role of a rooted luxury experience, a rare, and precious getaway.

SoulTree is the world's first certified Organic Ayurvedic brand and carries the prestigious BDIH, Germany certification. The products have a triple seal of truth: Ayurvedic, Ethical, Organic and are certified by COSMOS Natural & Organic certifications. Sustainability is an integral part of the brand ethos. Cementing it further, the store is India's first 100% solar-powered beauty & wellness boutique. The store has been constructed using biodegradable materials, non-plastic fixtures and reclaimed wood with a zero-waste policy.

The store has avant-garde interiors, based on the concept of balance, reflecting the Ayurvedic principle- that health, wellness and beauty can only be achieved with a seamless balance between mind, body and soul. The store also demonstrates the concept of Wabi-Sabi, which believes in fluidity, simplicity and balance.

Intending to curate an enhanced customer experience, SoulTree attires for the store team are made with sustainable materials and 100% organic cotton, genuinely resonating with the brand's message - organic, ethical and eco-friendly.

Uttarakhand's serene beauty, the home of the brand, is brought to the store with custom-made scents, combined with harmonising tunes that instantly calm your mind and soul - that's the kind of sensory experience SoulTree wants the customers to apperceive. Keeping this in mind, personalised melodies have been curated, based on the concept of Nada Yoga, which helps transform one's inner self with vibrations and notes, and also energises the chakras.

Speaking on occasion, Mr. Nitin Passi, Managing Director, SoulTree says- "The Indian market is ready to experience a fresh take on Ayurvedic beauty. By entering the brick-and-mortar space, we aim to introduce consumers to a 'Rooted Luxury' SoulTree experience through a sanctuary-a space which transcends the soul into an ethereal realm of mindful beauty. SoulTree is a pioneer in introducing sustainable practices in beauty, and our first store in DLF Galleria is also the first solar-powered wellness store in the country and cements our positioning further. The store is also the beginning of our expansion in other parts of the country, and we cannot wait to make the world experience what SoulTree has to offer."


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