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Future of Food Industry: Chef Himanshu Saini

What's the Future of the industry post covid ?

Covid-19 has had a major impact on the industry. The lockdown and temporarily closure of the restaurants have made the owners rethink about their business models. A lot of the focus has been shifted towards delivery along with the dine-in. The restaurants also have to focus on providing a restaurant like dining experience in the comfort of the customer's home. Even after all this I feel the hospitality industry in UAE would surpass the pre-pandemic levels soon owing to the Expo 2020.

Share some Success stories during covid.

We were able to adapt and shift our business towards delivery very quickly and were able to provide the multi course experience delivered right to the customers doorsteps.

Also, we were able to retain most our staff and didn’t laid off anyone from our side.

We were also able to provide the same amazing dining experience in the restaurant even while taking all the precautions and preventive measures.

Traditional recipes healthified

All our recipes use the best of the ingredients which are grown organically so all of our dishes are also nutritious along with being super appetizing.

Importance of food photography

We feel that food photography is very important for communicating the message and the story behind our food to our future patrons. A well clicked picture is essential for attracting new customers especially during the times where social media has become an essential part of our life and delivery has also taken a huge chunk of the F&B market.

The images also keep the audience engaged and increase the social media interactions as well as help to portray the overall theme of the restaurant.

The Tresind & Tresind Studio Story

Trèsind, the multi-award winning & critically acclaimed flagship of Passion F&B, Dubai is the birthplace of ‘innovative Indian cuisine’, offering guests a progressive Indian fine-dining experience. Trèsind was introduced to diners in 2014 and since has been considered among the leading restaurants paving the path towards fostering the legacy of Indian food and flag bearer of contemporary Indian food, showcasing the robustness of Indian cuisine and the hidden gems, yet unexplored.

Complementing the elevation of space design, the dynamic, young team of Chefs under the able guidance of the Group’s award winning Corporate Chef Himanshu Saini, have skillfully crafted a new culinary experience that engages all the senses. Inspired by, and credited with reviving, the unique concept of gueridon service the menu at Trèsind showcases traditional dishes from the sub-continent presented with a modernistic approach. Embracing various regional Indian culinary influences that have woven its way into the cuisine, Trèsind’s menu is sophisticated, imaginative, highly visual and engaging, lending each dining experience as a unique culinary journey.

Your upcoming plans

Short Term – to serve our patrons with the highest safety standards and provide a worry free experience.

Long Term – To innovate and stay ahead of the competition and be the trendsetter in the industry.


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