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Dheeraj Dhoopar : The Conventional hero!

In Conversation with the Editor : Deepti Chandak

Can you describe the feeling of the journey you have been through?

Actually it all started when I was in Bangalore trying to get into modelling. I come from a business background but I always wanted to become a model. This took my to Bangalore where I did a lot of Tvc’s and print commercials. Things changed when I was called for an audition for a show, I got selected for my first ever stint with Tv in this show called Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg. And since then there has been no stopping. It has been a 12 year old journey and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Sasural Simar ka made me the house hold name and was a number no 1 show for a long time. After quitting Sasural I immediately got Kundali Bhagya which made my dreams come true. I always wanted to play a romantic lead in an Ekta Kapoor show and I had finally achieved it. From being a household name I suddenly became the youth icon and a super star. So in all it has been a wonderful journey.

What did you do in your past time ?

Like I mentioned before, I come from a business background and I was travelling around the world for business purpose. I also worked as a flight attendant for some time wanting to try out something new. Post that I desperately wanted to become a ramp model. SO I have tried out a lot of things but finally acting is what I have loved the most.

How has the lockdown changed you as a person ?

Lockdown has been probably the biggest learning curve for not only me but for the all of humanity. It has made me realize how fragile we are as humans. It keep reminding me how we have taken things for granted.

Any new big projects coming later for you ?

There are lot of things in the pipeline. I am in talks for a few OTT projects and films too. Just waiting to take a call on those. Don't want to take a hasty decision just for the sake of it. I wanted to propel my career in a away where I balance my work between Tv, OTT and Films. Later this year you may hear some big announcement.

People you are closest to in the industry and why ?

The closest people in my life are my family members. Especially my wife and my pet Oreo. From the industry we are pals with a lot of them actually and we hang out pretty often but the list is long so wont take the risk of missing out of any one’s name.

One actor you would like to work with and why?

I would like to work with the one and only SRK. I have been his biggest fan and he really inspires me. I am an actor because of him and knowingly or unknowingly every one in my our generation is influenced by what he has done for so many years in the industry.


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