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Diego & Fitness

What is your advice for the individuals who hardly find time for a regular fitness regime.

They should plan the week ahead and block out a slot of 20 minutes just 4 times a week. It is very common to think that if you don't workout for 1 hour you didn't do enough but working out is about intensity not about timing.

What is the Fitness Device that you have developed, how does it work and where is it available?

Nucleus Core Pro is a home-workout device powered by the kinetic forced created by the liquid blend inside of the unit. The faster you move it, the more resistance and liquid impact you get.

The energy created inside of the unit generates a resistance as the liquid moves freely from side to side. When the body is pulling nucleus in one direction, the liquid blend hits the walls of the Nucleus in the opposite direction creating resistance and activating the muscles.

The motion of the liquid inside, will challenge your muscles adding a unique muscular stimulation in just 12 minutes. Nucleus can be as intense as you want. All is about the speed you apply to the unit, that's why can be used by people of all levels.

What's your preferred style of encouragement as a trainer?

I understand that every person lives a different situation and don't apply the same rules for all of them. I like to hear them and look beyond from what they are saying with words. If somebody doesn't feel well with themselves, they probably won't tell me that with words but It is my job understand the root of the issues. A trainer goes beyond of the doors of the gym, a trainer plays a big psychological role.

I am flexible when I need to be and tough most of the time. They hired me because they couldn't do it alone, so I need to make them learn that the only way to transform their body is by sticking to a plan, being consistent and working hard.

Diego Calvo is a famed celebrity personal trainer and rose to fame by creating the wildly popular fitness device the Nucleus Central Core Pro that utilizes Liquid Impact Force Technology (L.I.F.T.) and momentum to give anyone, anywhere, a killer ab work out in 12 minutes. The Nucleus is weight training, resistance training, and a cardio workout all in one machine - and perfect for anyone that wants great results with limited time. With a Master's Degree in Nutrition, fitness and health has always been a major part of Diego's life, and now with his latest innovation, he is excited to bring his favorite go-to work outs to homes everywhere.

With only $800 in his pocket, Diego left his home country of Spain and arrived in Los Angeles, ready to take his passion for fitness to the next level. As he developed connections and new celebrity clientele, he began to work out an idea he'd started years ago. From working with models, looking to tone up quickly before shoots, he ran into the same complaints - everyone wants big results, but no time to put in the effort. Nucleus Central Core Pro was born, from sketches on paper, to a team of engineers and multiple rounds of prototypes, the product just launched this Summer.


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