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Entertainment extraordinaire: Maniesh Paul

You have been a Rj, VJ, host, writer, singer and an actor, out of these what have you enjoyed the most?

Honestly I love entertaining people, be it through any medium, I don't want to limit myself to any particular aspect. I've been an RJ, I had worked in daily soaps, have been working in films, hosting for a very long time as well. What matters the most to me is entertaining people, that is what I love, be it in any medium that doesn't matter, what matters is entertaining and audience loving it. On stage hosting is all together a different experience which I love and enjoy, for the sheer energy and vibe of a live audience.

Was there a particular event or time that you recognized that acting would be your life and your living?

I was always interested in entertainment. I remember in my school I used to be more active in plays and dramas, so somewhere I feel I was always inclined towards the field of entertainment and that got me to choose acting and come to Mumbai.

You have hosted several reality shows which one is your favourite and why?

As I said, you can't pick a single one! There are different experiences, memories and learnings associated with each project, each show. I personally enjoy all forms of art, so being a part of a singing, dancing, educational show, has been like a blessing to me to dive into every genre, every medium.

Tell us about your Podcast " The Manish Paul Podcast". It is a passion project for me, something that is extremely close to my heart. I launched the podcast to create a safe platform for people to convey their journeys. It is inspiring what lies under the surface of someone's success; the struggle, the hardships, the stories one experiences are really fascinating. With 'The Maniesh Paul Podcast' I have been able to enjoy an enriching experience to bring forth such incredible stories, offering an insight into the varied sectors of our society by talking to people from different walks of life.

Tell us about your fascination for watches? Which of the brands do you prefer? How has your taste and style evolved over the years? Fascination for watches has been there for long long time. I remember ever since my school days I was very fond of wearing a watch and when I started earning I started owning a lot of them. Touchwood, right now, with God's grace I have a great Watch collection, if I may say so. My favorite right now is Omega, I am very fond of Omega watches and next on my list is a Rolex, which I soon want to own one. Another thing why I love watches is because I'm a very very punctual guy so I love to time my day. Tell us about the future projects that you are looking forward to. Any films lined up?

Currently really excited for Jug Jugg Jeeyo, there are few other projects which are yet to be announced and I have also been reading few scripts, waiting for everything to materialize, would probably be able to give you a better clarity soon.

What would you say would be your most prestigious moment in the industry? My most prestigious moment in the industry has been the day when Mr. Bachchan called me by my name. I was thrilled! Because I'm a huge fan of Amitabh Bachchan sir and when I came to Mumbai, of course he didn't know me, at all! But I remember once I was hosting with him, we were sitting and chatting in general, the moment he took my name and started the conversation I was thrilled, I was like wow, he knows my name, he knows me! So I still remember that and I was really really exhilarated that day. And the day I made my parents meet him because my mom always used to look at him in movies or on TV while I used to be in Delhi, and she used to say one day you will work with him and yes, that day came the day I hosted KBC with him, that day I made my parents meet Mr. Bachchan I was overwhelmed with happiness that day.


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