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Henry Jacques HJ Voyage collection

French Haute Parfumerie’s line of travel accessories

crafted in precious materials, designed to house HJ's art-de-vivre

Henry Jacques pushes the boundaries of creativity with its HJ Voyage collection, an exquisitely crafted line of travel cases designed for those wishing to roam and explore the world in elegance, accompanied by their wardrobe of favourite perfumes. Inspired by the past notion of always having your scents close yet brought to life with contemporary design mastery and innovations, Voyage combines tradition and modernity, making the HJ art-de-vivre seamless and free.

The chic cases are versatile and timeless, with a combination of playful designs and more classic interpretations representative of varying tastes and lifestyles. HJ Voyage is offered in 5 different materials – sumptuous black calfskin, sporty royal blue Porosus crocodile with its vibrant orange zip accent, romantic white calfskin with roses, black jacquard fabric embroidered with whimsical dragonflies, and elegant black eel – as well as 4 different sizes to carry 1 or 3 flacons of 15ml Les Essences (traditional essences), or 1 or 3 flacons of larger 75ml Les Brumes (lighter expression of the essences in a spray format).


Henry Jacques’ artistic director Christophe Tollemer poured his heart and soul into this line of exclusive leather accessories, sourcing the finest materials from all over the world and applying the Maison’s celebrated savoir-faire with no compromise. Bringing the vision of the collection to life was a complex task and took years of research and development, with unwavering quality as always at the forefront.

Specially commissioned to an expert team of craftsmen and produced in collaboration with several luxury leather and bag manufacturers, each model is made by hand. Creativity and artistry intertwine to complete the effortless interplay between case, flacon and fragrance.

Exceptional materials were used for the cases to look beautiful, yet at the same time, remain durable. The Australian Porosus crocodile, tanned in France, is so soft it can be used to make clothes, and adapts to every Henry Jacques case shape. The premium eel leather was a challenge: native to seas of Japan, the supple material needs to be painstakingly stitched to mimic natural lines. The jacquard fabric was woven in Spain, the black and white calf leathers, chosen for durability, tanned in Italy.

Strong in form yet delicate, reminiscent of art and crafted through passion, every detail has been considered, in line with the traditional French pursuit of excellence. The zippers have been customized for this collection with a jewellery-like approach, made of palladium and gold. All cases are lined with suede, and the 3-flacon cases even feature a passport insert, to ensure all travel essentials are close.

HJ Voyage addresses the aspirations of the modern-day perfume connoisseur, merging the familiarity of a beautiful fashion accessory with the power of scent, and becoming an essential travel companion. One no longer needs to compromise when packing, your favourite fragrances always by your side, new memories firmly intertwined with each scent, making them last forever.

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