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Simonetta Lein: Women can do anything!

How are you celebrating International Women’s Day ?

Will be with my husband and will cherish that as women need more kind and supportive men. Now more than ever.

Do you think Women make good leaders and why ?

Women are mothers, they are creators of a miracle called life. For that reason women can do anything.

Tell us about your journey as a Women Entrepreneur.

There is still an untold truth, the one that only another women would understand. As a woman surrounded by men, you always feel that feeling. In is nothing easily explainable in words. That realization that in order to be heard you have to stick up for yourself. That made me stronger and braver, you will never stop a determined woman entrepreneur down.

Your message for the Women of 21st Century.

Be brave to be unapologetically you. You have so many things that are expected from you, and you might feel sad and lonely at times. Your body changes, wrinkles will come and society seem not to accept that. Embrace your power. Embrace your wisdom that comes with age. Embrace the body changes of time and of being a mother.

Be unapologetically a woman!


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