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Mahua Ray : Abstract Impressionist

Written and Interviewed by Kushin Mukherjee

Mahua Ray, an Artist, a Woman expresses best through her feminine shape and mother nature – seeking perfection through imperfections. Her paintings symbolize eternal love and sensuality. Her feminine forms of unique shapes have helped her discover her own unique style. Her inspirations and experiences give life to her paintings. Each painting is a poem to her about eternal bliss, the moment of solitude and love that engulfs her entire being. Paintings are her story of her being…

“The Liberty-The green-ness, the idiosyncratic way of expression of thoughts attract Me. This freedom is the way to identify Me- my identity. It encourages creating my world as an artist. Also, it promptly bridges a connection between my style of art and the World. Contemporary Art is often about ideas and concerns-the urge to express from within and not solely about the aesthetics. Its about the spontaneity of expressions that I discovered while playing with clouds sitting next to my window…that’s my solitude…that’s my self-expression deep down…and it reflects in my Art!!”

Her choice of medium and colour depict mature poignancy in her Art.

Her tryst with sculpting started from her childhood days in Kolkata. Exposed to idol making in Kumartuli, she was awed by the skill of the sculptors in transforming a lump of clay into fascinating idols. Thus, the imaginary figures that were captured in her paintings started taking shape in bronze.

Deeply inspired by the works of Debi Prasad Roy Chaudhary, Jogen Choudhury, Sahuddin, Ashok Bhowmik and Samir Mondal was a great boost to her journey into the world of abstract impressionist Art.

Mahua Ray, an artist par excellence has won several accolades both internationally and in India.

With more than 35 exhibitions around the world including New York, London, Paris, Turkey, Dubai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Ahmedabad, Mahua Ray also facilitates both children and adults to be more human and imaginative through her workshops.


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