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Expertly designed timepieces you need for hiking, biking, and everything in-between

Nite Watches, the independent British watch brand who have just landed in the UAE, has introduced an outstanding range of exceptional timepieces, expertly designed for the adventurous. Ideal for hiking and biking during the UAE’s cooler months, the Hawk and MX10 watches are the perfect accessories to accompany any outdoor enthusiast during their next thrilling adventure.

Recognised as leaders in innovation, Nite Watches have been designed with meticulous craftmanship, specialising in Tritium illumination, the best and most reliable form of watch illumination available. This technology provides a constant glow throughout the night without the need for sunlight or any other form of external power.

With a myriad of stunning hikes and trails to choose from across the UAE, the Hawk and MX10 series are the ideal choices for an adventure into the great outdoors, due to the perfect balance of functionality vs style.


Made for the adventurer, the Hawk collection knows no restrictions, just endless possibilities. This rugged tactical watch has been designed with cutting-edge polycarbonate construction, keeping it light, whilst ensuring outdoor enthusiasts are never held back no matter what the challenge. Choose from:


One of the most recent additions to the Hawk collection, this striking matt green dial model perfectly reflects the ever-growing trend for green watches. With a 51mm case diameter and 10-year battery life, this classic timepiece is ultra-scratch resistant and coated with anti-reflective layers. Featuring T25 green and orange Tritium, the HAWK 210 will allow you to push harder, dig deeper and go further.

Price: $450


Made for the adventurer and the most popular Hawk model, this expertly designed watch will rise to any challenge. Featuring a matt black dial, black polycarbonate case and black polymer strap, this bold Hawk model delivers a rare combination of classic styling and legibility, with T100 Tritium illumination.

Price: $510


The signature model in the Nite Watches family, the MX10 is a strong field watch with a proud military heritage. The MX10 speaks volumes about its owner – they follow their instincts, stick to their principles, and always choose a watch they can depend on. Just like the special forces who continue to wear it, the MX10 is ready for just about anything.

THE MX10 201

Perfectly suited for long hikes during the day or throughout night, this bold model delivers high level accuracy and reliability, thanks to its innovative Swiss-made movement. 100m water resistance, and featuring a sleek, stainless steel case, the MX10 201 is renowned for its strength. The tougher the day, the better.

Price: $400

Nite Watches have exploded onto the UAE market with the simple mission, to create expertly crafted watches to be worn with pride. With uniquely designed timepieces for independently minded people looking to embrace every moment life has to offer, Nite Watches combine precision engineering with unique design. The Nite Watches collection is made up of four watch series, each one tailored to suit the needs of their thriving community: Alpha, Hawk, Icon and MX10.


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