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Shama Sikander: Invest in yourself. Build yourself. You are enough!!

What does International Women’s Day mean to you?

A reminder to be conscious about our growth, be grateful for our existence and be empowered within so nothing can stop us. But thats every day for me not just one day.

Do you think we need more women in leadership and why?

Absolutely. Women are kind and compassionate and wise its time to bring in a change of full equality into leadership and various work places. It’ll absolutely help the society and the system. After all its the mother that nurtured the man and we need that kindness and compassion at work as a lot of men don’t or are conditioned not to be like that. As if being kind is a bad thing! The world needs more compassion than ever before and women are naturally capable of that more than men i feel and it could absolutely be because of the social conditioning ... so its time to change how we look at things and our perspective needs to change.

As women, we don’t ask enough for ourselves. Is that correct? Your opinion.

Well I think the right question would be as women we don’t think and believe much of ourselves! In that case absolutely yes. And that is because of our conditioning. From our birth a lot of women,in-fact most women faces partiality in families and that very thought itself is good enough for us women to not think much of ourselves. The very base of our existence is not enough for people for our own parents who brought us into this world . A lot of people are still unhappy if they have a girl child born in their families. To think or ask much you have to first think worthy of yourself to then think that you deserve more. Hence the parents needs to change their behaviors and thought pattern towards girl child, be more conscious towards their upbringing.

Tell us your journey as an Artist, Entrepreneur & Motivational Speaker.

It has been a roller coaster ride.... lots of ups n downs , lot of appreciation along with a lot of failure, learnings... it made me grow into this beautiful human in every way who’s strong, who believes in herself and will not let anyone take her for granted. I’ve evolved and keep evolving every day. Speaking my thoughts out and knowing that there are people in this world who needs them makes me feel like I’m living a life of purpose as a human being being an artist supports me have that extra power or love of people to connect with them on a personal level. I feel extremely blessed to have such a phenomenal most beautiful life. I couldn’t have asked for more. I have much much much more than i can ever ask for.

Your message for the Women of Today.

Be conscious of yourself. It will make you aware of your power and the real power exists in the mind, so don’t think otherwise. They tame our thoughts and thats how they can tame our beauty our power. Hence be aware of yourself. Invest in yourself. Build yourself. You are enough. You don’t need any outside force to be your savior. You are your hero. You are your savior the power starts from within you.


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