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'A story on its own'

It’s a collection of the finest crocodile and python as well as other leather handbags, wallets & other exotic goods made with passion and dedication.

Most of the items of the Exclusive Collection are limited in quantity. 35 BURGUNDY maintains the status, quality, and exclusivity of each item in an effort to provide the customers with something truly unique. 

The most gorgeous piece of the collection is the popular bag called 'The Signature' .

The unique aspect of this collection is that once the colours are sold out finding them again depends solely on your luck, as alot of the colors are not produced again for a very long time.

Well, who would not like to own something so unique. Keep an eye out for the next collection as you might find something completely different in shape, size and colour.


Photography: Azeem Raza Photography

Make Up & Hair: Neetu Bhatia

Dressing: The Arab Crab


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