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FENDI Baguette and Tiffany Makers Join Forces

FENDI Baguette ‘hand in hand’ and Tiffany Makers Join Forces, Creating a One-of-a-kind To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the FENDI Baguette bag, as well as its artistry and influence on the world, FENDI and Tiffany & Co. joined forces to pay homage to the iconic bag created by Silvia Venturini Fendi in 1997. Named after its attitude and worn under the arm like a baguette loaf, the Baguette bag has become a cult object, a cultural phenomenon that immediately revolutionized the fashion industry by defining an archetype of style. Through its FENDI Baguette ‘hand in hand’ initiative, the Italian luxury House partnered with Tiffany ‘Makers’—the artisans at the famed Tiffany & Co. hollowware workshop in Rhode Island—bringing to life an exclusive Tiffany Baguette bag in sterling silver. The artisanal masterpiece is an homage to heritage. A group of Tiffany Makers crafted the Tiffany Baguette bag in sterling silver over a period of four months. The bag is engraved with lilies, the national flower of Italy, and roses, the national flower of New York State. It is also the first of FENDI’s ‘hand in hand’ partnerships to originate outside of Italy and is a showcase of Tiffany & Co.’s superlative craftsmanship.

FENDI Baguette ‘hand in hand’ is a grassroots partnership with local artisans across Italy, one for each region. Beginning with the Tiffany Baguette bag in sterling silver, this unprecedented project showcases the time-honored skills of craftspeople across Italy, whose specialities in the applied arts continue FENDI’s long history of reinterpreting this iconic shape. The initiative has evolved with this exclusive Tiffany Makers partnership that pays tribute to both FENDI’s signature bag, the Baguette, and Tiffany’s craftsmanship legacy. Tiffany &Co. silversmiths chased the bag with designs evoking lilies and roses. While the form of the bag is crafted to specific size and shape, the floral design on the front was chased by hand into the sterling silver. Chasing is an age-old silversmithing technique used to sculpt the silver. Typically, in silversmithing, shapes are formed out of the silver before any patterns or details are added. The sterling silver Tiffany Baguette bag, however, was crafted around the floral pattern itself. The bag weighs approximately 5.2 pounds (2,356 grams) and was created over a span of four months for a total of 250 hours of labor.

In addition to this unique piece is a dedicated capsule of Tiffany Baguette bags in smooth leather, shiny croco leather with diamonds and silk satin. Offered in medium, nano and pico sizes, the capsule of Tiffany Baguette bags pays homage to the most signficant codes of the two Houses.

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