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Editor: Deepti Chandak

The Summer ‘Must Have’ in recycled pvc and pop colors!

FENDI launches the popular eighties beach bag in its Spring/Summer 2021 Collection taking the stage on the catwalk, designed by Silvia Venturini Fendi it represents a throwback to childhood summer memories with a luxurious twist and sustainable vibe.

Fun and playful, the FENDI Basket is presented in two sizes, medium and small a peppered by a wide range of bright colors adding a fresh touch to the collection, yellow, pink, light blue,

orange and white.

Enriched by FENDI iconic details, FF leather stamp, FENDI signature print on the bottom and a buttoned leather closure, the FENDI Basket is the perfect summer bag to target fashionable, energic young customers.

The ironic bag has a totally green approach hence it is entirely made in recycled pvc,

composed mainly by pre-consumer waste, recycling of waste items deriving from the

production process, stamp cut etc… and for example generated by the production of

shoes’ soles, from which it is possible to generate plastics heterogeneous or

homogeneous of high quality.

Boost its look, adding a Nano, Pico and Strap You to make it your own summer must have!

Available in FENDI boutique and on


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