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Masoom Minawala –The Face of Indian Fashion

Interviewed By Deepti Chandak

We Loved your Series #MasoomTakesFashionWeek, how did you come up with this idea and how was the experience working on it?

Thank you so much for the compliments, I’m truly grateful for the love and support.

To tell you where the idea for my social media exclusive reality show, #MasoomTakesFashionWeek struck, I have to be transparent and tell you a little about my journey. So, I was always very interested in the realms of international fashion weeks but something about the exclusivity made around it made my dreams of attending fashion shows feel unrealistic. When I moved to Europe 5 years ago, I attended my first fashion week and there was so much I learnt on my journey that I decided to break the barriers of exclusivity and make the international runways more accessible to my viewers. I wanted to create an immersive experience where they virtually come along with me to witness the magnificence. From #BTS to decoding ways in which budding homegrown brands can be a part of these events, I decided to unveil the big red curtain and share all my personal learnings. It stemmed from the thought that if there’s even a single person who can benefit from my experience, my journey, the business tips and tricks, I would get a step closer to attaining my responsibility as a fashion influencer.

How do you usually approach brands and decide on which brands to work for ?

So one thing that I often talk about as a content curator is how authenticity is the best aesthetic and the influence we as an industry is known to strive on individuality. The thing is, in order to stay true to your professional self, it is very important to ensure that the brands you decide to work with are in synch with your ethos. You should always ask yourself if your community is the target audience that the brand is looking out for. By principle, I don’t promote the brands that don’t capture my brand essence.

How did the idea came up about supporting small business/ designers?

My vision has always been to take Indian fashion to the world. Support Indian designer is actually a not for profit venture that was executed during the first wave of the pandemic. The goal was to aid the community of small businesses and homegrown designers that were worst hit by COVID-19. The impact that #SupportIndianDesigners has created was so overwhelming that what started as an in-the-moment venture is now a permanent series on my platform.

Tell us more about your partnership - Generation Equality Ally with UN women India.

When I started my journey as a content curator it was with an aim to explore my love for fashion but to also elevate my community through my content. I have very strongly believed in using my platform for bringing in the change that I wish to live, especially in terms of bridging the gender gap. Whether it’s through spreading awareness about financial literacy through my series #EmpowHER or supporting an industry that strives on female artisans by #SupportIndianDesigners, I have always believed that once we get a platform to voice our opinion, it is bound to crusade a societal change.

I’m so happy to be associated with the UN’s Generation Equality Ally, our shared vision of a future will definitely lead to a bigger impact.

How was your experience being the First Indian Fashion creator to walk as a showstopper of Paris Fashion Week?

Honestly, it was a dream that I’ve never dared to dream. It was a personal and professional milestone on so many levels; I never thought I would be representing the rich cultural heritage of my country on such a global runway like this. In that moment, I was filled with overwhelming emotions. When I was in the middle the world’s fashion capital, draped in Indian textiles that were designed by the first Indian designer to showcase her collection at MFW, I felt so proud. I knew that I was getting leaps closer towards my mission and that Indian fashion was as on a road to take over the world.

Lastly tips for fellow Content Creators who are hoping to make it big in this industry.

I always say this, the content creator economy is fuelled by individuality and newer perspectives are really valued here. It’s a million dollar industry that’s only anticipated to grow more. As long as you manage to stay fearless, authentic, create transparent content that speaks to you, practice the art of being consistent, willing to build a strong community and listen to your audience through analysing the data, you’re ready to be a voice of change.

(Orange dress):

Dress: Imad Eduso (@imadeduso_ ) Shoes: Giuseppe Zanotti (@giuseppezanotti) Bag: Christian Louboutin (@@louboutinworld) Photographer: Deniz Tavukcu(@densengraphy)

(White dress):

Top: Bershka (@bershka) Skirt: Zara (@zara) Bag: Dior (@dior) Shoes: Schutz (@schutz) Photographer: The Tilted Lens (@thetiltedlens)


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