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Valentine's Day with dinh van Paris

Dinh van brought a spirit of freedom by introducing design to the world of Fine Jewelry.

The Maison creates architectural, pure, modern jewelry in inimitable style.

Far removed from traditional fine jewelry, dinh van brings jewelry to the streets, inventing an everyday luxury, a luxury for oneself.

Freed from the constraints of convention, its creations are made for strong, emancipated women who wear jewelry for themselves, not for those who look at them.

dinh van invents contemporary fine jewelry with a single thought in mind: true luxury is simplicity.

The Double Coeur collection is The Menottes dinh van shaped as two hearts, to symbolize the bonds of love and friendship.

The dinh van collection are available at the dinh van boutique in the new Fashion avenue, 1st floor, The Dubai Mall

Photography by: Studio Blister


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